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5 Hot Summer Fashion Trends to Don for a Fashionista Look

Below given are five hot fashion trends for summer that are not just reckoned international runway & street fashion trends, but can easily be chosen in as well as can be slipped on while braving the moist, damp and sticky conditions of the season.

Bright Shades: Summer is the perfect season to don a lot of colours. While many stick to cool or pastel colors, one finds it irresistible to flaunt neons, which have been as hot summer fashion trends. Between the cool pastels & the bold neons, you can adorn your personality with bright and cheerful shades of cobalt blue, lemon yellow, emerald green and fuchsia pink ideal for hot summer days. These hues are nor too soft as pastel neither too bold as neons, but bright enough to create ultimate fashion statement. Go for tank tops or corset tops in these shades to flaunt your fashionista look.

Monochrome: The age old pair of Black and White is back. Now fashion pundits are seeing it an ultimate color combination to try out this summer. You haven't forgotten Angelina Jolie's red carpet look on BAFTAs 2014, where she stole the hearts of million fans by flaunting sleek, chic and cool look in white and black suit.

Stripes: What's buzzing most in fashion world is the use of stripes, be it white stripes or bold multicolored or nautical blue. From that of runway fashions to street fashions, it's stripes being used in dresses to shoes. Use ordinary stripes as your ultimate fashion tool, by choosing stripe pattern considering your figure, body type to accentuate your best features.

Palazzo Pants: No summer is said to be completed without its share of loose and free-flowing silhouettes in utterly comfy fabrics. While maxi dresses never go out of trends for summer, palazzo pants are making their way this season. Actually palazzo pants are trousers with extremely free-flowing legs that flare out from the waist. As they may make you look bulky, go for the one which has slim cuts and is appropriate for your body type.

Neon Accessories: If you don't wanna paint in neon from head to toe, stick just with neon accessories. Opt for accessories like shoes, bags or jewelry in neon shade to be appreciated by the fashion pandits.

So, which one are you going to try out of above said five summer fashion trends?

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