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Women Winter Jeans

Women Winter Jeans
Women Winter Skinny Jeans
Jeans are one of the very basic women winter fashion clothes. And when it comes to winter jeans, apparel companies, particularly big brands and even other jeans manufacturers and suppliers do not leave any page unturned to know about the interests of the market about womens and girls jeans. As a result, you can find a number of expensive designer jeans as well as cheap jeans to cater to your needs in winter season. Some of the women, however, do not find any difference between summer jeans and winter jeans. They carry on with their summer jeans even in winters. This may be all right for fall season and in places where there is mild to average cold but not in places that experience extreme cold weather. Women reading this might be in doubt about the difference between summer jeans and winter jeans. So, before knowing about the types of winter jeans as well as women jeans styles especially suitable for winters, it seems apt to know the difference between summer jeans and winter jeans!

Difference Between Women Summer Jeans and Winter Jeans

As opposed from other women winter wear like women winter coats or jackets, jeans wear is found for both the seasons- summer as well as winters. There are some basic differences between the two- summer jeans feel light while winter jeans for women are comparatively heavier due to the fabric material used for making them. Summer jeans for women are generally made using a special blend of cotton or other summer fabrics for cool and relaxed feeling. On the other hand, women winter jeans are made from fabrics having a thicker blend of threads to help preserve the body heat of the wearer.

Some jeans, however, can be worn both in summers as well as winter such as denim jeans for women. Denim jeans are made of comparatively thicker fabric which do not feel uncomfortable if worn in summers and which also feels warm and comfortable when worn in winters! One more difference between women summer jeans and winter jeans is the choice of colors. While light colors such as white jeans and pink jeans are preferred in summers, the bright colors like red jeans and green jeans are more suitable for winters. Womens blue jeans, black jeans, brown jeans, grey jeans etc. can be said to be evergreen types of jeans for women worn in both the seasons.

Women Winter Jeans Types

Just like women winter pants, winter jeans for women too come in different styles.

Women Winter Jeans Based on Fit

Women Wide Leg Jeans
Wide Leg Jeans
Different women prefer different types of women jeans- some women like to wear tight fitting clothes while others like to wear loose fitting clothes. Keeping this difference in mind, owners of jeans factories manufacture all types of winter jeans for women with different fits. For example, jeans for curvy women could be skinny or slim jeans while plus size women could find wide leg jeans, flare jeans or bell bottom jeans for their special needs. Some of the popular women winter jeans types based on fit include:
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Slim Jeans
  • Stretch Jeans
  • Wide leg Jeans
  • Bell Bottom Jeans
  • Flare Jeans

Women Winter Jeans Based on Style

Style is what women look for in all their fashion wear including jeans wear! Some of the jeans styles like ripped jeans or destroyed jeans, distressed jeans, etc. are especially meant for summers and cannot be used as winter jeans. However, there is no dearth of other styles of winter jeans. There are many women winter jeans with stylish cuts, patterns and looks.

Trouser Jeans for Women

Trouser jeans are the regular fit jeans with classic trouser finishing. They may have such features as regular-rise waistband with a zipper and hook for fastening, straight leg and classic pockets as well as piped pockets on the rear, jeans-style back yoke and double-stitched seams, small logo elements underneath the waistband and on the pocket. Most of them are made with denim fabric.

Cowboy Jeans for Women

Cowboy jeans are sturdy trousers made of canvas or denim. These jeans are designed to protect the wearer's legs and prevent the trouser legs from snagging on brush, equipment or other hazards. Cowboy jeans also have a smooth inside seam to prevent blistering the inner thigh and knee while on horseback. So, they are basically winter outdoor jeans for women who love sports or other outdoor activities.

Jeans Shorts for Women

Women Jeans Shorts
Jeans Shorts
Although short pants are reserved exclusively for summers. However jeans shorts have become a very much preferred winter wear too, especially as girls jeans. Jeans shorts made of denim, wool, suede or fabric are worn with tights or thick tights and woolen boots or simple boots. Some girls also wear them with short boots and leggings. However, its good to avoid wearing a jeans short with transparent leggings of skin color.

Boyfriend Jeans for Women

Boyfriend jeans have loose fit and worn by women in winter who want to stay relaxed. These jeans are purposefully made to look a size too big so that they give an impression as if they have been borrowed from boyfriend or a guy. Some of the basic features of a boyfriend jeans include- loose fit, low rise, and cuffed hems.

Cargo Jeans for Women

Cargo jeans have an urban look- they were baggy with large pockets on the outside of each leg, located just above the knee. Most of the cargo jeans are made from denim. womens cargo jeans can be found in baggy styles as well as in skinny jeans style.

Low Waist and High Waist Jeans for Women

Depending upon the fit of jeans around the abdomen region, they can be low waist jeans- also known as low rise jeans or low cut jeans and high waist jeans. Although women who are more comfortable with low rise jeans, meant especially for summers, wear them in winters too. High waist jeans can be rightly called winter jeans as they protect the mid body region too from cold. Low rise jeans or the very low rise jeans are more popular girls jeans rather than womens jeans. Teenage girls prefer to wear these low waist jeans paired with women winter shirts for warm cozy feel!

Women Winter Jeans Brands

Some of the famous brands for womens jeans which also make winter jeans for women include Wrangler jeans, Hudson jeans, Miss Me jeans, Big Star jeans, Mavi jeans, Apple Bottom jeans, Arizona jeans, Silver jeans, Angel jeans, Levi's jeans, Lee jeans etc. Click on the following links to buy your favorite winter jeans for women!
  • Wrangler Jeans
  • Hudson Jeans
  • Miss Me Jeans
  • Big Star Jeans
  • Mavi Jeans
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