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Fashion Jewelry Necklaces

Fashion Jewelry NecklacesCostume jewelry necklaces are hugely in demand among women of all ages. Necklaces are ornaments used to adorn women's necks, and are available to suit all occasions. A necklace may either have exquisite designs throughout, or have a simple chain with a locket in the middle.

Materials used for Fashion Jewelry Necklaces A wide variety of materials are used to make beautiful handcrafted and machine-made necklaces. Some of them are listed below:

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Hemp
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Bone
  • Horn
  • Leather
  • Stone
  • Shell
  • Clay
  • Cloth

Fashion Jewelry Necklaces Types

The most common types of costume jewelry necklaces are listed below.

Choker: Chokers/choker necklaces are worn high up the neck, and fit tightly around it, hence the name. The length of a choker necklace is approximately 14-16 inches long. It is suited for casual and formal occasions. This necklace came about as a result of the practice of tying ribbons around the neck during the French Revolution. Chokers are available embellished with stones, beads, and even embroidery.

Princess necklace: This is the most preferred necklace among ladies. It sits gracefully at the base of the neck, and is available in exquisite designs. These necklaces may or may not have pendants. The length of a princess necklace is approximately 17-19 inches long.

The word 'princess necklace' refers to a type of necklace based on its length, though it is also confused with necklaces which feature the word 'princess' on them, or a princess/crown pendant that features in the middle of an otherwise simple necklace.

Opera necklace: These necklaces are suited for all occasions. The approximate length of an opera necklace is 30-36 inches. These necklaces are long, and complement flowing attire. Mostly beaded, opera necklaces are sometimes tied into a knot at the chest. This adds a bohemian effect to the whole costume.

Dog collar necklace: These necklaces are more or less like chokers. Dog collar necklaces are broad with elaborate designs. They have been inspired from dog collars, hence the name. Popular designs include embroidered or studded collars with pendants, or two parallel metal chains linked to a huge pendant that sits high on the neck. These necklaces are often confused with dog collars.

Charm necklace: These necklaces have charms all over the chain. The charms hang from little metal loops from the necklace. Little charms in various shapes like flowers, hearts, cross, starfish, dolphins, skulls are used. Letter charms that spell the wearer's name or that of a loved one are also available. Sometimes, colored beads and sequins of all shapes and sizes are put together and strung onto wire to give the charm necklace a distinctive look. Charm necklaces are available in different lengths.

Designer Fashion Jewelry Necklaces

Fashion jewelry necklaces are available in many styles and designs. The styles range from the latest fad to antique ones. There are costume jewelry necklaces made of leather, studded with synthetic stones, while there are simple necklaces which feature a couple of ceramic beads strung onto thin plastic strings. Then there are necklaces which feature ornate craftsmanship. Yet others are enameled, or feature the wearer's name. Manufacturers are wooing the masses with innovative, and custom-made designs.

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