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Fashion Brooches

Fashion Jewelry BroochesA brooch is an ornamental pin women use to fasten garments. Fashion Jewelry Brooches have come a long way since they were first seen in the Greek and Roman times. Costume jewelry brooches are beautiful and utilitarian. They usually have a safety catch at the back to facilitate in holding a garment together.

With a wide range of designs available, women are using them to add a touch of glamor to their clothing. They are popular among women because they are also economical when compared to brooches made with expensive metals and semiprecious/precious stones.

Materials used for Fashion Brooches

Let's take a look at some of the materials used to make fashion brooches.
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Horn
  • Bone
  • Wood
  • Stone

Fashion Brooches Types

Bar Brooch: Bar brooches are known so because of their long, narrow shape resembling a bar.
Costume jewelry bar brooches are made of inexpensive metals, and studded with synthetic stones of all colors.

Spray Brooch: These brooches have distinctive floral patterns replete with stems and leaves. Elaborate designs in beaded and studded styles makes these brooches ideal for evening wear.

Dress Clips: These brooches are also known as dress brooches. Dress clips have a single hinged clip, or a two-pronged clip to fasten garments in place. Dress clips are available in many designs.

Designer Fashion Brooches

Costume jewelry brooches have become a rage with fashion-conscious women of all ages. There are brooches with enameled, studded or beaded styles with vintage/antique finishes which make for excellent party wear. The most popular designs include flowers, butterflies, bees, crowns, wheels, and roosters. For women with a taste to break free from the ordinary, there are fashion brooches with spider, mushroom, skull, and wheel designs. Manufacturers also offer ladie's brooches in personalized/custom-made designs.

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