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Maternity Tunic: The Ultimate Fashion Wear During Pregnancy

Maternity tunics are the most comfortable form of clothing that pregnant ladies can opt for. These tunics for women are especially designed as per the requirements of a lady who is expecting. The loose flowing folds of maternity tunic help a pregnant lady to feel most comfortable and relaxed. Besides, another advantage with it is that it makes the overall appearance to come out a bit slimmer so that the pregnant women does not feel conscious of her gained weight and plumpness. This is one of the most popular maternity clothes. Mentioned below are few tips regarding maternity tunics, check them out.

maternity tunic
Maternity Tunic

Tips for Wearing Maternity Tunics

  • Wearing a maternity tunic is quite similar to wearing a tunic in a non-pregnant situation. One needs to enhance the look by teaming up the tunic with right kind of lower be it jeans, leggings, skirts or any thing else. Though the most important thing to look out for while being pregnant is 'comfort'. Chuck out all the options which are uncomfortable and go in for the most soothing and comfortable set of clothes.

  • In case you are heavy from top, add an illusion of weight to your bottom by going in for thicker prints and fabrics in tights, slacks or skirts. This would equalize the overall proportion of your body. Else, if your bottom is heavy, go for thinner fabrics and dark, solid colors.

  • If you plan to attend a party during your pregnancy, try to wear tunics in black or any other dark color for a slimmer look. Team it up with a pair of maternity slacks to avoid looking bulgy.

  • Be care while choosing a V-neck tunic during pregnancy as the increased bra size can end up revealing too much of cleavage. Try moderate V-necks or round necks for a sober look.

  • Choose colors and patterns that are flattering on your skin tone and hair color.

  • Opt for long sleeves if you have put on weight on your arms.

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