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Ladies Anklets

Women's Anklets
Ladies Fashion Anklets
Ladies Anklets or ankle chains are ornaments worn around women's ankle or ankles (as some women like to wear fashion anklets only in one of their ankle.) Ladies fashion anklets are sometimes known as ankle bracelets too. Costume jewellery anklets are popular fashion accessories since they are available in many designs, and are also made of inexpensive materials. Anklets have come a long way from traditional chain anklets of India to the funky fashion anklets of the Western countries.

Materials Used for Ladies Anklets

Costume jewelry anklets are made from a wide range of materials that are inexpensive apart from being attractive. These two reasons- charm and low cost- make the ladies fashion anklets a very popular fashion jewelry loved by the women of modern day. Some of the materials used by the fashion anklets manufacturers include the following:
  • Metal
  • Jute
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Shells
  • Glass
  • Bone
  • Leather

Ladies Fashion Anklets Manufacturers & Suppliers

We cater to wholesale supply of fashion anklet jewelry for women. For bulk requirement of ladies anklets of all types and designs including chain anklets, beaded anklets, Indian anklets and other anklet jewelry, send us online enquiry and you will get immediate response from genuine wholesale fashion anklets manufacturers and suppliers.

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Ladies Anklets Types

Women love to adorn their ankles with fashion jewelry anklets. Let's take a look at the basic types of ladies fashion anklets.

Flexible Anklets: These ladies anklets have closely interlocked links made by using chain technique or the threading technique. Flexible anklets are further adorned with little bells that produce a soft jingling sound. The flexible ladies fashion anklets are also adorned with charms, and are worn to formal and casual occasions.

Stiff Anklets / Inflexible Anklets: The inflexible or stiff fashion anklets are produced by hammering sheet metal into required shape. After they are chiseled to perfection, intricate patterns are engraved onto the surface to give these ladies anklets an ethnic look. These anklets may or may not produce a jingling sound.

Ladies Designer Anklets

Women's fashion anklets are available in an array of interesting designs. There are threaded anklets which are made from colored jute threads, while there are anklets with single strings of shells or colorful plastic/glass beads woven together. The closures vary from the conventional hook, to magnetic ones.

Charm anklets are available with little charms that or stones that are suspended from the chain of the anklet. Popular motifs used in ladies fashion anklets include hearts, stars and flowers. The fashion anklets manufacturers also provide custom-made anklets that cater to women's individualistic taste.

Ladies Anklets Designs

Anklet With Toe Ring
Anklet With Toe Ring
Anklets had been worn by women all over the world since time immemorial. This is a different issue that these ladies anklets were used by women of different regions for different purposes. These fashionable anklets had been used for glamorous looks, showing off the status in society, indicating marital status, attracting a suitor, and of course to adorn and making the well groomed feet some more beautiful! For each purpose one was able to find a perfect anklet designs that included chain anklets, anklet bells, gold anklets in heavy designs for special purpose like bridal anklets, silver as well as anklet designs having diamonds and other precious metals too.

The present day fashion anklet designs, however, have become much more affordable and the precious metals have been replaced by inexpensive yet attractive materials like beads, jute, crystal or crystal like glass etc. The modern ladies anklets designs are many- traditional as well as trendy! So, one can find the traditional chain anklets; anklets with metal bells as well as the trendy beaded anklets; jute anklets and the handmade designs in the anklets having ethnic looks too!

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