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Fashion Scarves

Ladies ScarfA scarf is usually a square or rectangular piece of cloth, often long and narrow and is worn on the head, around the neck and other parts of the body as per the fashion trend. They are functional yet stylish. Women wear scarf for warmth as well as for fashion. In fact, they are an essential fashion accessory that are suitable for every season.

In winters, scarves are worn to protect the head and neck from biting cold. In cold climates, a knitted scarf, popularly known as muffler is also used as a protection. But in summers, the scarves can used in any style for fashion.

Fabrics Used in Women Scarves

A wide variety of high quality fabrics are used for making scarves of various designs and styles. Some of the common fabrics used are:
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Satin

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