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Fashion Nose Rings

Fashion Nose RingsA nose ring is a piece of jewelry worn through a hole pierced in the nose. It adds charm to a woman's facial features. The practice of piercing a woman's nostril and inserting jewelry into it dates back to ancient times. This fashion phenomenon continues to grow in great proportions and is a favorite with women of all ages.

Materials used for Fashion Nose Rings

Some of the materials used to make costume jewelry nose rings are:
  • Gold-plated metal
  • Steel
  • Bone
  • Acrylic
  • Wood

Fashion Nose Rings Types

The type of nose rings used would largely depend on the exact location of the piercing in the nose. There are two well-known types of nose piercings.

1. Nostril piercing: either, or both the nostrils are pierced.

2. Septum piercing: septum refers to the cartilage separating the nostrils. The skin between the septum and the bottom of the nose is pierced.

  • Nose Rings: Nose rings are worn on the nostrils, or the septum. They are available in various styles, varying from simple ones, to those with little charms on them, or captive bead rings. These are available in all shapes and sizes, depending on the buyer's specifications.

  • Nose Studs/Nose Pin/Nose Screw: Nose studs are also known as nose pins and nose screws. They are worn on the nostrils. They are made of polished bone, acrylic, wood or metal. The studs have various shapes like star, dolphin, diamond, flower etc. The stud visible on the nostril may or may not be studded with colored stones.

  • Nose Barbell: Nose barbells are used as pieces of jewelry to be inserted after septum piercing. The most preferred material is surgical steel. Women prefer nose barbells which are available in bright colors, and funky designs.

Designer Nose Rings

Nose rings are available many sizes and shapes. Jeweled studs have synthetic stones of all colors and sizes depending on the design. They may have screw closures, or plug closures. In some cases, nose screws, after being inserted into the nostril, just need to be pressed to be held in place. There are also fake nose studs which do not require the nostril/septum to be pierced. They need to be clipped onto the nostrils/septum. Another style of nose studs which requires no piercing is of the magnetic kind. Women are falling for these 'no-pain' fashion accessories which are available in many colors too.

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