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Latest Fashion Rings Trends!

15 February 2011
Women's Fashion Finger Rings
Women's Fashion Rings
Among all the fashion accessories, women love the jewelry most! And among all the jewelry, finger rings are one of the most dear jewelry pieces. The classic ring worn in a finger are there to stay forever but as we know that human being is a creative animal and women are more creative when it comes to fashion accessories, they keep on demanding unique finger rings for them. Thus, the latest fashion rings for women have all sorts of innovativeness! These latest finger rings trends favor two finger, full finger and even knuckle rings!

Two Finger Fashion Rings for Women

Two finger rings have become the latest fashion fad among women. They have become so popular among fashionable women of today that a vast number of designs and shapes can be found to suit one's taste and also to make her look altogether different. This type of ring is worn on two adjacent fingers together. Sometimes, a form of two finger rings- the duo rings are not worn in adjacent fingers, they are rather worn in for example in index and ring finger. In such cases the two rings are joined by a trendy chain. Women love to make bold style statement with this all new and fashionable trend of two finger rings!
Two Finger Ring Two Finger Fashion Ring

Full Finger Fashion Rings for Women

When a new age woman doesn't want to engage her two fingers to wear a fashion finger ring yet want to make a bold style statement, she wears a full finger ring. Full finger rings are hinged and thus bend with the joints on fingers. These full finger rings too come in various styles and designs but the most popular ones are those having skeleton like figures!
Full Finger Ring Two Finger Fashion Ring

Knuckle Rings for Women

The historical brass knuckles which were designed to preserve and concentrate a punch's has now become the latest fashion accessories for women! The knuckle rings come mostly in designs representing weapons. However, other feminine or fun designs too are not uncommon. These knuckle rings are multiple rings attached to one another and can be worn in three or four fingers.
Knuckle Ring Two Finger Knuckle Ring

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