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Women Winter Shirts

Women Flannel Plaid Shirts
Women Winter Shirt
Women like to choose clothing according to their body shape, occasion, personal preferences and style. There are many women shirts types like formal shirts, casual shirts as well as party wear shirts for women to choose from. However, they are all mostly worn in summers or spring. So, what about fall winter shirts for women? Are there options for women winter shirts among the women winter fashion clothes or because a shirt is worn under other winter woolens, is it a neglected area? No, shirt manufacturers do not like to neglect the question of ladies winter shirts too. There are so many types of winter shirts for women that one can in fact have a good winter shirts wardrobe for a warm and cozy winter season!

Women Winter Shirt Types

While standard ladies shirts blouses can be differentiated on the basis of their sleeve length, neckline, fabrics, colors and patterns, the winter shirts for women are mainly categorized on the basis of fabric. So, while a formal or a casual shirt can have long sleeve, short sleeve, three-quarter length sleeve or can even be a sleeveless shirt, the winter shirts are mostly long sleeve shirts for the obvious reason of providing warmth. As far as colors, designs and neckline are concerned, they can be found in almost all types of patterns.

Womens Flannel Shirts

Womens flannel shirts are chic and comfortable winter clothing. They can be said a must have for Fall season. Flannel is a soft woven fabric which was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn. However, flannel shirts are now made from flannel which is often made from either wool, cotton, or synthetic fiber. As these shirts are specially meant for women wear, they could even be made from flannel which is brushed to create extra softness. As far as patterns of womens flannel shirts are concerned, plaid shirts are the most popular classic shirt style for women in winters. Sometimes, pull-on flannel plaid shirts for winters sport soft and stretchy solid thermal insets on the sides and long sleeves. These flannel shirts for women can go with any women winter pants for a classic or trendy look!

Winter Denim Shirts for Women

Women Denim Shirts
Women Denim Shirt
Long sleeve ladies denim shirts are a perfect winter wear for women in fall and in the beginning of winter season. There are many types of denim shirts for women available for winter fashion wear. Women's denim shirts types range from blue denim to various hues of blue, Grey, green, as well as stone washed and embroidered denim shirts for women. While casual shirts have more styling details or embellishments, formal shirts have a few decorative touches such as contrasting topstitching, with rhinestones and fringe etc. Other types of women denim shirts include such designs as button down or spread collars, button or snap closures, straight back or Western yokes with varying sleeve lengths.

Winter T Shirts for Women

Women, like all, are fond of T shirts due to their fit and comfort. Thus, there are many types of women T shirts, especially made for winters. Most of T-shirts are made of 100% cotton, polyester, or a cotton/polyester blend. Some environmentally conscious T shirt manufacturers also use organically grown cotton and natural dyes for making womens tees. Winter T shirts for women are mostly stretchable T-shirts made of knit fabrics, especially jerseys, rib knits, and interlock rib knits, consisting of two ribbed fabrics joined together. Winter T shirts made of rib knit fabrics often provide a more snugger fit. Popular higher quality T shirts brands are made of durable interlock rib knit fabrics.

Henley Shirts for Women

Although famous as a collarless men's casual wear pullover shirt, Henley shirts for women have also become quite popular due to their long sleeves and cozy fit and feel. Henley shirts have the unique feature of buttoned placket which contains two to six buttons. Although cotton and cotton-polyester blends are the most popular fabrics for making Henley shirts, thermals too are used for making Henley shirts for women, especially to be worn in winters. Appearance wise, these women winter shirts resemble collarless polo shirts for women with the addition of the buttoned placket to pull the neckline together. Traditional Henley shirts for winters have long sleeve lengths. However they may also have short or three-quarters sleeve lengths depending on the season.

Womens Corduroy Shirts

Women Corduroy Shirts
Women Corduroy Shirt
Although corduroy is one of the preferred fabrics for making women winter coats, womens corduroy shirts are not uncommon too. In fact a corduroy shirt is a great alternative to a sweater for people living in a cold environment where there are cooler autumns and springs with colder winters. Womens corduroy can be worn in office as well as for outings in the evening. Womens corduroy comes in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and thicknesses. For making womens corduroy shirts, thinner and more flexible wales are used because wider wales in the corduroy are often suitable for man's pants and other clothing like jeans etc. Corduroy fabrics are traditionally cotton or cotton blends. However, they are also made from wool, rayon, and polyester. As wool is the the warmest of all, womens winter corduroy shirts are mostly made from this variety of the fabric. A woman who wants to be classic or chic, a corduroy shirt can be a great addition to her closet.

Womens Thermal Shirts

Winter season demands layering of clothing in places where there is more than average cold. Women like to wear thermal shirts under a long sleeve T-shirt and then layer them over with stylish women winter jackets and coats! Some women even wear stylish womens thermal shirts on their own or inside their hooded sweatshirts. Most of these thermal shirts are made of a cotton/polyester blend. These womens thermal shirts may be long sleeve shirts or short sleeve shirts with such features as button placket for easy on and off, V-neck, crew or scoop neck styles, stitching along neck, arms & shoulders. They are available in all sizes like S, M, L and XL for relaxed or fitted styles.

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