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Women Cosmetics

Types of Cosmetics
Women Cosmetics
Women have been wearing makeup since ancient times. However, these were all natural cosmetics or the home made cosmetics make up and not like the sophisticated women cosmetics of the present day. For example, women from some Asian countries like Japan and India used face powder made of rice powder, lip color made of certain flowers and those from ancient Europe used chalk-based face powders and red iron for lip make up. Present day women make up cosmetics are far advanced than these natural cosmetics that were used by women in history. Now there are innumerable cosmetics companies that make equally innumerable types of cosmetics for women.

What are Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are those substances which are used to improve the appearance as well as odor of body. Although make up cosmetics are used by all, women are the most important segment of world population who use cosmetics more than any other segment. As such, the cosmetics industry targets women the most as potential customer of their make up and cosmetics products.

Types of Cosmetics

As far as materials for making cosmetics are concerned, there are basically two types of cosmetics- natural cosmetics and mineral cosmetics. Based on the different body parts where women apply make up cosmetics, the types of cosmetics can be categorized in the following heads.

Skin Care Cosmetics

Women Cosmetics
Make Up Cosmetics
Skin care cosmetics, as the name suggests are skin care products or the products that are applied directly to skin for protecting it. The skin care cosmetics include such products as moisturizing creams and lotions for different skin types, sunscreen lotions to protect skin from ultraviolet rays of sun and other damaging factors, skin lighteners, tanning oils & lotions, and other make up cosmetics to repair or hide skin imperfections such as acne, wrinkles, dark circles under eyes etc.

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Hair Care Cosmetics

Women love to pamper their hair so that they can wear various hair accessories in style. Just like skin cosmetics, women hair care cosmetics are made for cleansing and protecting hair. These hair care products include such names as different hair soaps and shampoos for various types of hair like normal, dry, oily, and damaged hair as well as hair and scalp treatment products like dandruff shampoo, hair serum, hair masks etc. Other hair cosmetics that are used to improve the looks of hair include hair conditioners, hair styling gels and lotions etc.

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Eye Care Cosmetics

Eyes are one of the most beautiful assets of women and all the women world over like to make them more beautiful by using different eye cosmetics like mascara, eye liner, eyebrow pencils, eye shadow powders etc. As eyes are also sensitive to different elements the cosmetics industry make different eye care cosmetics too like eye make up removers, eye contour wrinkle creams, opthalmic mascara to reduce occurrence of irritation, allergy and impurity at the base of the eye lashes etc.

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Beauty Cosmetics

Beauty cosmetics for women mostly include those make up products that are used on face. These facial cosmetics for enhancing beauty include face powder, blush, complexion corrector foundations, concealers, etc.

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Lip Cosmetics

Lip Make Up Cosmetics
Lip Cosmetics
Like eyes, lips too are an important assets of women and they want it to look attractive. Women use various lip cosmetics to enhance its beauty. Some of the lip cosmetics used widely by women include lipsticks, lip liners, lipgloss etc. Certain lip care products like lip balm, sunscreens and scrubs are also popular among women.

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Nail Care Cosmetics

Nails have not only been the source of beauty through various nail cosmetics like nail polish and paints of different colors. Nail art pens are the newest collection in women cosmetics that are continually attracting the modern women.

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Perfume or scent made of mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds are used by women to get pleasant body odor. Not only perfumes, there are other women cosmetics too that are used for the purpose. These include deodorants and antiperspirants.

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