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Eye Makeup for Different Eye Colors

Eye Makeup for Different Eye Colors
Eye Makeup
25 June 2011- Reading just the eye makeup tips won't be too helpful for women with different eye colors like blue, brown, green or hazel. Just as the women dresses are chosen according to the skin color- as to what color looks best on which skin tone- eye makeup too should differ according to your eye color. Its not that you can't apply whatever eye cosmetics you want to but the question is about best eye make up for eye color that you have. If you exercise a little caution and do eye makeup as per eye color, you could look more beautiful! So read these tips on eye make up for different eye colors and know which eye cosmetic to buy for yourself!

Eye Make Up for Blue Eyes

Blue eyed women look beautiful even naturally. However, the right eye makeup for blue eyes can make them more beautiful.

Eye Make Up for Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes Makeup
Eye Shadow Color for Blue Eyes- For blue eyes, it is better to select the eye shadow shades that contrast with the natural blue eye color. Thus, shades of brown, gray, camel, taupe, dark browns, blacks, charcoal, copper, pink, violet, lilac, silver or gold may be called the best eye shadow colors for blue eyes. Blue eyeshadow, unless it is a dark blue (a darker shade than your eye color) makes the blue eyes fade.

Eye Liner for Blue Eyes- Darker eyeliner will accentuate the beauty of blue eyes. Just like eye shadow, too light eyeliner color makes blue eyes look faded. If you wish to brighten up your blue eyes and want them to look bigger, try applying white eyeliner on the inner rims. The best makeup eye liner color for blue eyes include shades of brown, black, charcoal, dark green and dark blue.

Mascara for Blue Eyes- Women with blue eyes may experiment with colored mascara to emphasize the color of their eyes. Black is the classic color in mascara even for blue eyes. Alternatively, dark blue mascara can also be applied. Apply mascara on upper lashes with emphasis on outer corners to accentuate the magical effect of blue eyes.

Eye Make Up for Brown Eyes

Women with brown eye color are lucky enough to use a wide range of eye cosmetics. Almost all colors suit them.

Eye Make Up for Brown Eyes
Brown Eyes Makeup
Eye Shadow Color for Brown Eyes- The best eye shadow colors for brown eyes include deep shades of blue and brown, blue gray, plum, gold, vanilla, shades of purple, champagne (soft pink with a touch of apricot) and violet. Brown eyes also look good with such shades as beige, peach, corals, copper, pinks etc. How intense should be the eye shadow color depends upon skin tone- lighter your skin tone, less intense color you must use. Women with brown eyes can experiment with two or three tones of eyeshadow but you should not forget to blend all these colors well! When you wish to have natural look for brown eyes, try eye shadows in neutral colors like browns, taupes, peaches, etc.

Eye Liner for Brown Eyes- Having brown eyes mean that you can even go for colored eyeliners! So, eye liner make up for brown eyes may include different tones of brown, golden browns, bronze, black, deep navy blue and dark grays. For natural looks, you may choose dark browns and black eye liner for a more intense look.

Mascara for Brown Eyes- The lucky brown eyes can even experiment with colored mascara . Black mascara is always the classic choice for brown eyes makeup. Dark blue mascara can also be a good alternative to black mascara.

Eye Make Up for Green Eyes

The mysterious green eyes can be made even more attractive with the right selection of eye cosmetics.

Eye Make Up for Green Eyes
Green Eyes Makeup
Eye Shadow Color for Green Eyes- For green eyes, different shades of brown, deep purples, plums, lilacs, and dark greens are best. If you want something for evening eye makeup, try using taupes or gold eye shadow. Avoid applying shades of blue, certain tones of pink, white and silvers for green eye makeup. The classic choices for green eyes are the eye shadows with colors brown, apricot, purple, plum, forest green. Women with green eyes and light complexion should avoid deep or shimmery eye shadow. Women with green eyes and olive skin should avoid silver and blue eye shadows.

Eye Liner for Green Eyes- Women with green eyes too can apply colored eyeliners. Select warm colors of eyeliner such as different shades of brown, golden browns, bronze, and dark gray. If your eyes are small and you want them to look bigger, try applying gold or white eye liner. Avoid black eyeliner as makeup cosmetic for green eyes. Instead of black, you can use deep plum or green shades of eye liners. Thus, the best eye liner colors for green eyes include deep purples, dark browns, golden browns, blacks, charcoal, shades of plum, and navy blue.

Mascara for Green Eyes- If you want to maintain the natural looks, use dark brown mascara. Mascara in black or plum shades too look good on green eyes. Evening eye makeup for green eyes may use green color palette, by blending matte and frosted eye shadows. Finish this with a deep green or gray liner and a black or deep plum mascara.

Eye Make Up for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are already beautiful but certain eye cosmetics shades are a complete no no for them like the blue shades of eye shadow.

Eye Make Up for Hazel Eyes
Hazel Eyes Makeup
Eye Shadow Color for Hazel Eyes- Neutral colors like brown eye shadows look great on hazel eyes. You may also choose such eye shadow colors as gold, pink, lavender, plum, khaki and mocha. Soft pink is another good color. For accentuating the beauty of hazel eyes, you should use at least two to three colors but must blend them well. Avoid applying all shimmer colors- ensure to use at least one with flat or matte finish. Deep purples look great with hazel eyes. You can even use lime green shadow for a daring look.

Eye Liner for Hazel Eyes- Black eyeliner look good on the bottom of hazel eyes combined with purple or green eyeliner on top looks. Women with hazel eyes should not rim your eyes with eyeliner- use it on top but only on half or three fourth of the bottom.

Mascara for Hazel Eyes- Black, dark brown or very dark green mascara look great on hazel eyes. Women with fair skin tone or those having light eyelashes should use brown mascara with a lighter eyeliner like medium brown, green, bronze or khaki. If you want a dramatic effect, you may even apply dark purple or dark green mascara.

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