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Hair Products for Women

Hair Products for Women
Women have always been fond of their hair and hairstyles! As such, hair products for women form a very important segment of the overall women cosmetics market. The list of hair products include a wide variety of products meant for hair care, hair styling products and hair cosmetics for making hair look and feel beautiful.

Types of Hair Products for Women

As mentioned above, hair products for women include not only the hair cosmetics but the hair care products as well as the hair styling products. A brief description of these products will make clear the difference among them.

Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products for Women
Hair Care Products
Hair care is a broad term that includes hygiene and cosmetology for hair. Not all women have similar type of hair texture. Therefore, hair care products available in the market differ according to one's hair type. For example, there is a wide range of shampoos and conditioners for dry, oily and normal as well as damaged hair. Not only this, the hair oils that are taken to be a basic hair care product too differ on the basis of look that one wants. For example, some women may want long and voluminous hair and for them the hair oil manufacturers introduce a wide range of natural hair care products infused with herbs and other organic materials. Some other women who want non sticky oil too get their hair care product of their choice in the market. Some of the most popular hair care products include the following.
  • Shampoo
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Hair Oil
  • Anti Hair Loss Products

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Hair Cosmetics

Just as beauty cosmetics make a woman look beautiful, the hair cosmetics make her hair look beautiful. This may be done either by changing the texture or by changing the color of the hair. So, if someone wants her hair shiny black, she can use hair dye and if she wants her hair color to be different from standard brown or black, she can go for hair coloring. For making hair shine, there are hair shine serums. If women want their hair to stay stiff, they have the option of using hair spray to keep their hair style in place for hours.
  • Hair Coloring
  • Hair Shine Serum
  • Hair Spray

Hair Styling Products

Hair Styling Products for Women
Hair Styling Products
Hair styling has been an age old concept but never in history there have been so many hair styling products as can be found now! However, most of the hair styling products contain alcohols that can dissolve oils. Many hair products also contain chemicals that can cause build-up, resulting in dull hair or a change in the look of hair texture. There are hair mousse (styling foam) for extra volume and shine of hair. It is applied when hair is wet or damp, not dry. Hair wax is the hairstyling product that contains wax and assists in holding the hair. Hair gel is also used to stiffen hair to make a particular hairstyle. Its results are generally similar to but stronger than that of hair spray and weaker than that of hair glue or hair wax. Then there are hair volumizers that are used to add volume, body and shine to thin or flat hair. Thus, the list of hair styling products contain the following
  • Hair Mousse
  • Hair Gel
  • Hair Glue
  • Setting Lotion/ Styling Water
  • Pomade/ Hair wax
  • Anti Fizz Serum
  • Hair Volumizers
  • Hair Tonic
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Women Hair Products Photo Gallery

Hair Color
Hair Color

Hair Styling Products
Hair Styling
Anti Fizz Serum
Anti Fizz Serum

Hair Shine Serum
Shine Serum

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Hair Volumizer

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