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Choosing Earrings as Per the Hairstyle

Fashion Earrings
Fashion Earrings
The importance of earrings should not be underestimated as there is a lot more to earrings than just being yet another piece of jewelery. A perfect pair of fashion earrings, suiting your dress, make up and hairstyle can grace up your entire look. Here are few tips to choose the right kind of earrings as per your hairstyle.

Earrings for Long / Medium Hair

In case you have medium to long hair, then you should be careful with wearing hoops. Hoop style earrings have the tendency of adding weight and curves to the face making it appear a bit rounder. If you have a round face and long hair then go in for rectangular or square styled hoops for adding dimension to your round face. Elongated and oblong shaped earrings work best with long hair.

Earrings for Up-do Hair Style

If you are sporting an up-do hair style then its best to go for dimensional earrings like squares, diamonds or gold drops. Long beaded, tear drop or chandelier earrings can help you emphasize the neck portion which comes out starkly in an up-done hairstyle.

Earrings for Short Hair Style

Short hair is kind of hairstyle with which you can try any and every type of earrings. With short haircut, its all about flaunting your earrings. A plain button earring, a stylish hoop or a sexy dangler you can go for all kind of earrings without any doubt. Though one has to strike a balance here too, hence make a choice which suits your overall appearance.

Earrings for Pleated Hair Style

Earthy material earrings like bamboo, wood or cork etc. look good with pleated hair. You can also try some bright colored drop earrings when you have pleated your hair on a hot summer afternoon. But if you are using a headband with your hair, then you should opt for a pair of chandelier or swing earrings.

Earrings for Half Tied Hair Style

In case you plan to wear your hair half up and half down, then a pair of long, lean drop earrings would help streamlining the entire look. Hoop earrings for women in subdued hues like rose gold or bronze can also be a great option.

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