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Fashion Hair Combs

Jewellery Hair CombsOrnamental hair combs come in attractive styles, colors, and shapes. Fashion hair combs are often confused with the usual toothed devices that are used to straighten hair. They have fewer teeth than conventional hair combs. The teeth in these combs are longer, and are designed to hold hairdos in place. These combs are a favorite women's fashion accessory and look attractive besides helping to create a perfect hairdo.

Materials used for Fashion Hair Combs

Fashion jewellery hair combs are made of different materials. Some of them are listed below:
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Shell
  • Glass
  • Bone

Fashion Hair Combs Types

Let's take a look at some of the most common types of fashionable hair combs.

Formal: Formal hair combs are worn to formal gatherings, parties etc. These combs have ornate designs, and are available in studded, enameled styles. These combs add a touch of sophistication to evening attire.

Casual: Casual hair combs are available in funky designs and fun patterns. They are made of plastic or glass. Metal combs are also embellished with colored glass/plastic beads. These combs are mostly used by young women.

Bridal: Bridal hair combs are used during the special occasion of every woman's life. These combs are studded with rhinestones and plastic beads. They are available in various patterns and unique designs.

Fashion Designer Hair Combs

Fashion jewellery hair combs come in different sizes, shapes and designs. They also vary in terms of the number of teeth present. Popular designs include floral patterns and abstract designs. Some of these combs are simple, made of tinted glass or plastic. There are fashion hair combs made of feathers too!

Jewellery Hair Combs are available in vintage, or sleek contemporary designs. These combs are also available in custom-made designs which lend a personal touch to every woman's wardrobe.

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