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Fashion Eye Wear

Women Fashion SunglassesEyewear forms an integral part of every woman fashion accessory. Today, women wear glasses as a tool for vision correction and a fashion accessory. Chic and glamorous sun shades add to the overall persona of a woman. Sunglasses are styled according to the changing demands of women's fashion wear and the personal choice of women the world over.

A huge variety of eye glasses are available with designer frames, special effect contact lenses and stylish sunglasses. Contact lenses are available in many shades and sometimes are worn to match or contrast with the outfit. Contact lenses are a good alternative to eye glasses and women are increasingly using contact lenses as a fashion accessory and for vision defects. The contact lenses have many varieties with the popular ones being daily wear, disposable and toric lenses.

Women fashion sunglasses are the latest fashion craze. They define the fashion statement of a woman and represent attitude and personality. The stylish sunglasses are essential for health reasons and to complement the outfit. The sunglasses protect the wearer from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Sunglasses are also used to prevent aging caused due to natural elements.

Types of Eye Glasses

  • Anti-Reflective Coating glasses
  • Bifocal glasses
  • Distance or Reading Glasses
  • Photo chromatic glasses
  • Rimless glasses
  • Soft Plastic Eyeglass
  • Transition/Polarized Lenses

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History of Eye Glasses

In the ruins of ancient Nineveh, the first known lens made of rock crystal was found. According to Pliny, physicians used the lenses for cauterizing wounds. The author Aristophanes in his work “The Clouds” has referred to a glass for burning holes in parchment and for erasing writing from wax tablets.

The first eye glasses are supposed to have been invented around 1000 AD. It was called a reading stone and had a glass sphere that was laid on top of the material to be read. It magnified the letters.

In 1352, Tommaso da Modena was the first painter to depict eyeglasses. He painted frescoes of brothers reading or copying manuscripts. One of the brothers was shown to be holding a magnifying glass and another had glasses perched on his nose.

In Italy, in 1284, Salvino D'Armate invented the first wearable eye glasses. Around 1752, James Ayscough introduced a new range of reading glasses with double-hinged side pieces. The lenses were made of clear and tinted glass. Ayscough advised the use of green and blue glasses instead of the white clear glass because he felt that white glasses created a glaring light that was bad for the eyes. These glasses were said to be the first sun glasses though they were not meant for protection from the sun but for vision correction.

Sam Foster sold the first pair of sunglasses in New York in 1930's and they became quite popular. In 1929's, Edwin Land invented a polarizing filter. Thus, it became a pioneering effort in creating polarizing sunglass lenses that reduces light glare.

The term contact lens originated with Dr. A. Eugen Fick who published the results of independent experiments with contact lenses in 1887. By the early 1940's many varieties of contact lenses were available: blown glass, ground glass, molded glass, plastic and glass, and all plastic. In 1964's, improvements in manufacturing, material, and fitting of contact lenses led to about 6 million contact lens users in the United States only.

Lots of changes in designs of frames and glasses and new technological enhancements in eyewear have turned the eyewear into a necessity and a fashion accessory.

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