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Five Steps to a Sexy Messy Hair Bun Style

Check out in this article how easily you can create a sexy looking messy hair bun. The hair bun style is cool, easy to make, does not take much time, and above all make you look good and fashionable.
Messy Hair Bun StyleMessy buns are never out of fashion. A perfect rescue for bad hair days, messy buns look extremely sexy and can be carried on usual days too. Besides, it is one such hairstyle where one can get a chic and trendy look without the use of any prominent hair accessory. So, this summer try out the carefree messy bun hairstyle as we bring you the precise step-by-step procedure of making a comfortable yet stylish hair bun.

Step 1: The very first step is to sweep off your hair to one side so as to create a fuller crown area. Then use your fingers together with a paddle brush to track both sides towards the back of your head.

Step 2: Now collect your hair into a loose pony and tie it up with an ouchless elastic. Here, it should be noticed that the very base of the pony should be right in the center of your head. Create fullness on the top of your head by pushing the pony slightly upwards. Add hairspray to fix the shape.

Step 3: The third step is to segregate the pony into small one inch sections and curl them with the help of a curling rod. Just try to get some carefree waves to get a messy look. Holding the curler for around thee seconds would be enough.

Step 4: Once the curling is done, the next step is to secure the curls around your scalp using bobby pins. Make sure that the curls are tucked loosely or else the entire look would be spoiled.

Step 5: Add the final dash of finesse by running your fingers gently into the curls to loosen them up a bit, giving the messy bun an ultra sexy look.

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Styles of Messy Hair Buns

How to Spice Up Your Messy Bun Hairstyles

  • Tease your hair after making a ponytail. Teasing your hair means ratting it up. Just keep on brushing your hair from your tips to your roots. Hold a chunk of hair above your head and comb in downward strokes. This makes you hair look to have more volume.
  • Take out a little bit of hair from the bun. Wrap it opposite way to get your desired look. You can also tease that portion and then bobby pin it.
  • Use fashionable hair accessories, like flower pins, chopsticks to pin your hair.
  • You can also wear a thick head band for a retro look and also huge sunglasses too. For this make a low bun.
  • Arrange your front hair in different ways like as center part, right to left, left to right, all back, pouf, and so on. This will make you look different everytime
Spicing up a Messy Bun

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