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Fashion Hats

Women's HatsHats and caps are the most common headgear used by women. Let's take a closer look at these fashion accessories.

Hats usually have a high crown, and a wide brim. Primarily used to cover the head, women's hats have evolved as fashion accessories. Hats may also be used to make an individualistic style statement, to accentuate height, to protect against the weather, for political/religious reasons, as a uniform, or to simply attract attention!

Materials Used for Women Hats

Hats are made of different materials like leather, straw, felt, canvas, wool, Fur etc.

Styles of Women Hats

Check out the article Women Hats Styles to get a detailed information of the various popular hats styles available in the market today. The market is flooded with the most stylish range of women hats that can change the look of a woman, making her look stylish and elegant. You can choose hats as per your face shape, as per your attire, as per your needs as there are hats for all occasions and seasons.

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Types of Women Hats

The different kinds of hats that women are listed below:
  • Trilby Hats are worn by women to make fashion statement. These hats have a crown which is deeply creased (lengthwise) around the center. A trilby is made of felt, and has a short brim that can be turned up and down. They are also known as fedora.
  • Bonnets are hats which are usually made of straw or cloth. These hats come with attached ribbons. While wearing these hats, women tie the ribbons at the neck, so as to keep them in place.
  • Conical Hats have tapering crowns that form the shape of a cone. These hats have become a popular fashion accessory with spectators who are exposed to sun rays for long hours.
  • Panamas/ Panama Hats are made from the young, fresh leaves of the panama hat palm. They gained popularity while the Panama Canal was being constructed. Contrary to popular belief, genuine Panama hats are made in Ecuador.

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