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Gaucho Belts

Gaucho BeltsGaucho belts or Capybara belts for women are the finest quality belts in todays fashion world. These are hand made, embroidered and stitched with quality brass fittings.

These belts are soft and velvety in touch, being perfect for teen aged girls when worn with jeans.

Designer Gaucho Belts

Gaucho or Capybara belts are unique, stylish and trendy in designs. They are a fashion statement for teenagers and youth. They give a very smart and jazzy look to young women and are a compliment to women jeans.
Gaucho belts come in a variety of styles starting from simple leather belts to colourful embroidered belts to suit all occasions.

Materials Used for Gaucho Belts

A variety of materials are used in the making of Gaucho belts.
  • Capybara Skin
  • Leather

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