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Ladies Tattoos

Ladies TattoosTattoos are also known as body art. They can be traced back to more than 12,000 years when women belonging to various cultures adorned their body with tattoos. Today, tattoos are becoming an integral part of women's fashion across the world. They represent women's attitudes, belief, or lifestyle. Women also go in for cryptic tattoos which hold a significant meaning known only to the person who flaunts it.

Ladies Tattoos Types

Women Tattoos can be divided as following.

Permanent Tattoos:
These tattoos last a lifetime. When getting a permanent tattoo done, women should take care that the needles and other equipment are sterilized otherwise it could lead to infection. Some permanent tattoos are detailed to perfection. This would need patience on the part of the tattoo artist as well as the person getting it done.

Permanent tattoos are said to be painful, and can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or two (after being etched) before they are ready to be flaunted. It is also necessary that women choose the right designs, because they have to live with them!

Temporary Tattoos:
Temporary tattoos are not permanent. These tattoos are the image on the skin, that looks just like real or permanent tattoos. A temporary tattoo can be drawn on body or airbrushed or even painted. Also these tattoos for ladies are available in the market in the form of stickers, that can simple be transfered to the skin.

In this manner we may also explain one more type of women tattoos, which is Semi-permanent Tattoo.

Semi-permanent Tattoo:
These are the tattoos that are not permanent, but last for a span of years or even more or less. Semi-permanent tattoos disappears from the skin or fade away over the time. These types of tattoos are generally drawn using a 'tattoo gun'.

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