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Fashion Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories for Women
Hair Accessories for Women
Hair accessories for women are one of the major components of women fashion accessories. Be it colorful scrunchies, or fashionable barrettes studded with rhinestones, more and more women are dressing up their hair with these pretty little hair accessories for women. Hair accessories are primarily used to accentuate hairdos, but on a bad hair day, they can also be used to draw attention away from it. Ladies pick hair accessories which complement their hairstyles or go well with their clothes. Hair accessories are versatile, and can be used for any occasion.

Types of Hair Accessories for Women

Whether a woman sports long hair or short hair, she can add a chic look to her style by wearing matching and/or complementary hair accessories. If one is tired of wearing the same haircut, and also do not want to have a haircut or color hair, she can just try any of the women’s hair accessories available. By just adding one of the many flower hair accessories, a headband, or cute clips she can create a new style for herself!

Ponytail Holders / Hair Ties

A hair tie, also called a ponytailer, ponytail holder, or hair band is used to fasten hair, usually a ponytail. Ponytail holders are thus one of the most common hair accessories for long hair types. These ponytail holders are available in many sizes and colors, ranging from vibrant to subdued tones. These hair ties are not only used to hold ponytails, but braids as well. Ponytail holders/hair ties hair accessories are available in different styles. They may be simple elastic bands, or those with a central design or metal attachment that enhances the look of a simple ponytail or braid.


A scrunchy is an elastic hair tie which is covered with elastic. They are ruffled bands made of fabric inserted with elastic bands. Scrunchies are another type of women hair accessories commonly used to fasten long hair. They are used to tie ponytails and buns. Scrunchies are easy on the hair, and comfortable to wear. They are available in plain colors, or beaded and printed designs. Scrunchies are also embellished with tassels and tiny bells. These enhance the look of a simple bun. Scrunchies are ideal for women who need a quick hair fix and keep it in place for long hours.


Fashion Hair Accessories
Fashion Hair Accessories
A headband is a women's hair accessory worn in the hair or around the forehead to hold hair away from the face or eyes. These headbands usually consist of a loop of elastic material or a horseshoe-shaped piece of flexible plastic or metal. Headbands come in various shapes and sizes and are useful for practical as well as fashion purposes.

Barrettes / Hair Clips

A barrette- also called hair-slide, hair clip or hair pin- is a clasp or pin for holding hair in place. These barrettes or hair clips have clamps which click into place, and are used to hold hairstyles, or portions of it. These are one of the most popular hair accessories for girls. They can be used to enliven an otherwise simple hairdo. Barrettes are made of metal, plastic, wood, bone or horn. These are extremely popular as hair accessories because they are easy to wear, and are available in various sizes and designs. Barrettes are available in plain, tinted, painted and studded varieties besides others.

Hair Pins

Hairpins are perhaps the most ancient and the most common hair accessories for women. A hair pin is used to hold hair in place. They are made of metal, ivory, bronze, carved wood, etc. A hairpin may be decorated with jewels and ornaments, or it may be just a simple stick like device which may be designed to remain invisible while holding hair in place. Hair pins are available in different colors, shapes and sizes to match with any kind of outfit.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have, of late become a very popular hair accessories among women. Hair extensions are a way of adding commercial or artificial hair to natural hair. They are used by many women to conceal thinning or hair loss. Many women with a short hairstyle too use hair extensions to make their hair look long. Feather hair accessories is also a type of hair extensions where natural feathers are added to hair. This is done to add color to hair.

These were some of the popular types of hair accessories. There are many other hair accessories for women like hair combs, hair clutcher, tiaras, hair rollers etc. that are extensively used by girls as well as women to keep their hair in order as well as to make a unique fashion statement of their own!

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