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Fashion Shawls

Fashion ShawlsShawls were originally designed with the concept of protecting individuals from severe cold. But today, they are not only a necessity but also a stylish fashion accessory for women. Shawls are the height of fashion today offering a feminine, pretty look as well as functionality. Artistically designed and finely crafted women's fashion shawls glorify every occasion. The styles and patterns of fashion shawls are so fascinating that they make heads turn. Shawls had been in fashion since centuries all across the globe.

History of Shawl

The word shawl is derived from the Persian word 'shal', which dates back to several centuries. Shawls have been used as a warm protective garment in winters since ancient times. Though the exact origin of shawl is unknown, but it is derived that people had been using shawls since a very long period of time. The practice of shawl weaving was popular in several Western and Asian countries since ancient times. India has long been associated with manufacturing designer and fine quality shawls. The shawl industry in India has been flourishing since the Mughal empire when artisans came up with several creative patterns and styles. The exclusive and ever charming Pashmina shawls from Kashmir in India had been a symbol of class and fashion since several decades.

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