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Colored Contact Lenses for Style

Colored Contact Lenses
Colored Contact Lenses
To attain a distinct look in your overall appearance, you can opt for colored contact lenses. Besides the regular style that you follow, if you really want to enhance your style statement , then colored contact lenses are the highly popular and widely demanded fashion accessories in the market today. The colors of the contact lenses depend on the individual style preference of the wearer. To stand apart from the others as far as style trends are concerned , wearing some distinct color contact lenses will surely serve the purpose. Wearing fashionable eyewear is indeed very trendy in the fashion circuit today.

Types of Colored Lenses

  • Visibility tints: This type of lenses simply add a blue or green hue to your original colour. They are used with corrective lenses for better clarity of vision.
  • Enhancement tints: This type of lenses darkens the colour of your natural eyes. This brings a subtle change in your look.
  • Light-filtering tints: This is the latest entrant in the market. It highlights certain colours by muting the others. These lenses are used by sports-persons and spectators to see the ball or bat better.
  • Opaque color tints:The color tint lenses will change your eye colour completely, say from brown to purple. They resemble our natural eye tints almost perfectly.
Other types of colored contact lenses are the theatrical or costume lenses. They are available in a wide range of unnatural colors and can give the appearance of a ghost or an animal etc. They are quite popular at fancy dress parties or Halloween parties.

Choosing the Right Colour Lenses

This is the most difficult part: which color to choose. This is a matter of personal choice of course. But also depends on to what extreme you want to go for that change. Just as with hairstyles and hair colours, there are certain colours which might suit you more.

If you have wheatish complexion, you can go for brighter colours like aquamarine or deep purple. You should also keep this in mind that the colour of your eye-liner, eye-shadow, and other makeup should complement the lenses' colour. If you want to stand out, choose a colour that contrasts your makeup shades.

Enhancement lenses are ideal for people with light eyes so as to give a slightly different hue. For example: a person with naturally green eyes can wear blue enhancement color lenses. This gives an aqua effect.

Opaque lenses are transparent and are suitable for light or dark eyes. They replace the natural color of your eyes with the color of the lens.

Some Tips on Colored Contact Lenses

  • If you have light blue eyes, choose blue or aqua enhancement color contacts.
  • If your natural color is blue-gray or gray, try blue to get a beautiful ocean blue color.
  • Go for jade green if you are very adventurous. Since green eyes are rare, so you can really stand out form the other.
  • If your eyes are brown, try brown opaque lenses. In brown eyes, enhancement color contacts would not. Dark skin people with brown eyes can go for blue or green lenses.

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