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Selection Criteria

While buying fashion wear and fashion accessories, certain points are necessary to take into consideration. It is always said that "You eat what you like but you wear what others like". That is why it is always seen that you tend to buy and wear those things which are the latest in the market, which everybody is wearing. There is no such specific rule to buy clothes. But to save time,and money, it is necessary to make a corrective judgement on what you need and what to buy. This holds for wholesale purchase as well as retail purchase. Some factors that need to be considered are as follows:

Fashion Trends:Keep up with the latest fashion trend so that you do not feel out of place in any social gathering. Considering the ongoing fashion trend is most important while going for fashion wear of any types like garments, accessories, jewelery, etc. Fashion changes regularly. That is why it is necesasary that manufacturers and suppliers should keep on updating themselves in their designs, styles and materials so that they cater to the fashion market effectively.

Quality of raw material: For any fashion wear or accessory, it should be ensured that the quality of raw material is superior. Likewise, fabric for garments, leather or other raw material for bags and footwear, raw material for jewelery, etc should be of fine quality. The dyes or colors used in clothing should be skin-friendly and chemically tested so that they do not cause any skin ailments and are comfortable to wear.The finishes or coatings on various jewelery items should be such that they do not result in any kind of skin rashes or allergy. The beads and sequins used in jewelery items should be fixed properly and should be of the same size and shape. Footwear should be checked for proper finishing, especially high-heeled shoes. Color and material is also important.

Pricing:Pricing of fashion garments and accessories should be competitive. It is not necessary that the expesive items are the best items. The fashion market is flooded with a wide range of fashion wear and accessories, catering to all sections of the society. Regardless of what particular wardrobe needs you have or where you like to shop, you really can avoid paying high rates on clothing. Even for bulk purchase, choose those garments and accessories manufacturers and suppliers who are offering you the best price.

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