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What Should Guests Wear to Summer Wedding?

31 March 2011
Summer Wedding Dresses
Summer Wedding Dresses
Brides have to be very particular about their wedding dresses- after all it is the most important day of their life and they are the center of attraction too! However guests too want to look fabulous on such events. So, everyone is cautious about the wedding dress they wear to the wedding event but it becomes quite a difficult task for summer wedding. Why, because you want to remain as cool as you can but also don't want to compromise with your looks! Actually, you don't have to! There are so many types of summer wedding dresses for guests especially designed keeping in mind the season as well as the grandeur of wedding event that everyone can find a one according to their taste and of course- the wedding theme. You can go for informal wedding dresses as well as formal or casual wedding dresses- you will find all types of summer wedding dresses for guests! Here are some ideas for selecting summer wedding dresses in the form of pictures! See them and get answer to your very crucial question- what to wear to a summer wedding?

For a summer wedding dress, you must choose dresses with shorter sleeves or even sleeveless dress styles with spaghetti straps. Younger wedding guests may also wear a simple dress, or skirt and top, in a shift type style.
Beach Wedding Dress for SummerMaxi Dress for Summer Wedding
Ruffle DressMaxi Dress
Beach wedding theme is one of the most preferred wedding themes for summer. Get yourself dressed according to the beach feel- you can wear ruffle dress to a summer wedding going to take place at beach or can don a maxi dress which is so much in trend and also a perfect summer beach wedding dress!
Garden Wedding DressFloral Wedding Dress
Garden Wedding DressFloral Wedding Dress
Garden wedding theme is yet another popular choice. So, if you are going to such a garden wedding this summer, get yourself breezy with some floral wedding dresses. It is not at all necessary that you wear bright colors only, pastels and even neutrals like the one in the above images are also a good choice for a summer wedding dress.
Black Tie Summer Wedding DressCasual Summer Wedding Dress
Black Tie Wedding DressCasual Wedding Dress
If it is an evening black tie wedding with a church wedding ceremony, traditionally you must wear a dress with covered shoulders or a matching jacket. However, the above black tie wedding dress with designer looks will also make sure that you get enough appreciation. However, if it is an informal wedding ceremony, you can choose and well afford to wear casual wedding dresses like the sunny yellow dress in the above picture! A simple sundress is just right when you're out in the sunshine, and the bright cheerful color is also perfect for casual daytime wedding in summer.
Cocktail Summer Wedding DressSpaghetti Summer Wedding Dress
Cocktail DressSpaghetti Summer Dress

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