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Fashion Finger Rings

Fashion Finger RingsLadies fashion rings have always been a great option for everyday wear and a part of high fashion. These rings are not the highly expensive rings made of gold, diamond or platinum. Rather these fashion rings are the most easily available women fashion accessories that are made of cheap materials like wood, metal, rexin, bone, plastic, glass etc. These fashion rings are made available at the most cost effective rates by wholesale fashion rings manufacturers and suppliers. The fashion rings are a great way to add fashion style to your everyday wardrobe. Gone are the days when women shopped just for wedding rings and engagement rings. Fashion jewelry has made the ring a necessary part of fashion accessories.

Types of Fashion Rings for Women

Women adorn their fingers with all types of rings to suit their style. Some of the rings they love to wear are given below.

Beaded Fashion Rings

Beads are woven into thread made of synthetic fiber, or metal wires to form enchanting patterns of beaded rings. Beads of different colors are introduced here and there, giving the ring an exotic look. In some rings, a single hand-painted bead forms the centerpiece, while the band of the ring is made of woven metal. Beaded rings are available in many innovative designs. They are also custom made.

Carved Fashion Rings

Available in different materials like wood, lucite, metal, bone or stone, these rings are carved by hand or with the help of machines. There are many designs to choose from, which range from simple floral ones, to those that are intricately carved with funky motifs. Custom-made rings with the wearer's name carved onto the centerpiece are also available, and are known as name rings.

Mood Fashion Rings

It is believed that the mood of the wearer can be predicted from the changing color of these rings. Though the fact is disputed by many, what actually makes the rings change color is the drop/rise of the wearer's body temperature. Invented by Marvin Wernick in the late 1960s, the most popular forms of mood rings available are those with a stone in the center, or simple metal bands. Dare to wear these!

Stone Fashion Rings

The ultimate fashion accessories for parties, weddings and social gatherings. Studded with synthetic stones or semiprecious stones set in metal or tinted plastic/glass, these rings lend a touch of class to the attire. The stones are set in different designs, and are also available in custom-made designs. Manufacturers try out different designs and shapes which appeal to women, and enhance their personality and style quotient. Check out the photo gallery Stone Finger Ringer Varieties.

Resin Fashion Rings

Total funk, yet sophisticated. Resin rings are made with a blend of resin and dye. Outlandish prints and designs in a wide range of colors makes these rings a must-have accessory in every woman's wardrobe. Resin rings are available in molded designs. Other styles include metal rings set with colored resin centerpieces. Resin rings are also available in custom-made designs with adjustable bands.

Painted Fashion Rings

Available in plain and carved styles, painted rings are chiefly available in wood, plastic, glass, and lucite. These rings are used to adorn the fingers on any given occasion since there is a great bunch of patterns to choose from. Hand-painted by artists, these rings are available in abstract patterns, floral designs, traditional, or contemporary themes. Painted rings are also available in custom-made designs.

Popularity of Ladies Fashion Rings

There is a great selection of gorgeous rings is various colors, fabulous designs available for women. Rings are available in many designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary. There are rings with analog watch displays. There are metal rings with enamel inlays, and leather rings with exquisite embroidery. Then there are rings with fun centerpieces in pyramid, floral, and abstract shapes and designs. Women fashion rings are highly popular because they are available in a wide range of designs to suit any occasion and any outfit. They can be worn to any event along with matching toe rings and nose rings, giving you the same look and feel when you wear fine jewelry. Women Fashion Rings can be given as gifts too, ideal for birthdays and general treats. They are far more abundant and accessible than fine jewelry is, and they are significantly more affordable. Fashion rings are thus preferred by many fashionable ladies to fine diamond, pearl, or sapphire rings. These rings are very classic, noticeable and unique.

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