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How to Make Nail Art Designs- Guide for Beginners!

How to Make Nail Art Designs
Nail Art
10 August 2011- Nail art designs, as the name itself implies, is an art form- the one that brings out your creative side and also make your hands and feet beautiful! Although there are many beauty parlors as well as nail salons that give you this service of nail art designs- believe me- making nail art designs is really a simple task if done with interest and imagination. So what if you are a beginner, a novice to the art of making nail designs? It will just take some nail products, some of your time and efforts, and a lots of imagination and manipulation of your finger to give strokes for the stunning nail designs! So, here is the step-by-step guide for beginners about how to make nail art designs!

Step 1 # Get Your Nail Art Designs Tools and Products

Nail products, rather nail art products are many and are easily available at any cosmetics shop- thanks to the ever growing popularity of nail designs! What is more interesting is that you don't even need to visit a beauty shop, you can get the tools to apply nail art products at the home crafts shop such as brushes, toothpicks and bobby pins (they help in applying dots and swirling colors with precision), and thin-tipped detail brushes etc.

Nail Art Kit
Nail Art Kit
As far as the colors are concerned, you will need to have different nail polishes and paints as well as clear polishes for base and top coat. You can even try using acrylic craft paints that are cheaper than nail polishes. You can also get some interesting items like rhinestones and glitters to make your nail designs more attractive. If you don't want to spend your time searching for all these products one by one, you can always opt to buy nail art kits that contain all the essential nail supplies needed to make nail art designs such as brushes, nail marbling tools, nail polishes, paints, nail art decals, stickers and even interesting nail designs! One thing that may or may not be included in the nail art kits is the pure acetone which you would need to quickly remove anything that is put by mistake. Always have a small brush or Q-Tips, makeup pads, or cotton balls applying the acetone while doing nail art.

Step 2 # Prepare Nails and Get Nail Design Ideas

Nail designs will look good only when you have clean, evenly trimmed, and nicely shaped nails. So, get a good manicure or do it yourself by cleaning your nails thoroughly with the help of a nail brush. Then push back the cuticles with a nail file, shape the nails and then furbish them. If you don't have long nails- you can use artificial nails to do nail art design till the time they grow naturally. You can always use nail growth products to make them grow long!
Nail Designs Pictures
Nail Designs
After you have prepared nails for making an art design on them, you have to collect some very good nail design ideas. You can even make your own nail designs. If not then take help of fashion magazines or you can even search for some really good nail designs on net. For more advanced designs for nail art, you can take a class at a nail salon where professional nail art designers give you tricks and tips on how to make nail art designs. And when you are present o spend that much of amount for learning nail art designs, you can also buy books on nail art.

Step 3 # Make Nail Designs

Following steps, if taken properly, will let the beginners make great nail designs neatly and effectively!
  • Finalize the nail design that you are going to make on your nails. Accordingly, visualize what colors and background colors will go with that nail art design. Keep your nail art simple though as you are a beginner in this art- save the more tough ones for later when you become a master of nail art designs!
How to Make Nail Art Designs
Making Nail Art Designs
  • Now apply a base coat on your nails. The color of the base coat will depend upon your visualized nail design. This can be a neutral color like clear, white, pale beige or pale pink, or any other color that goes with the scheme of your nail art design.
  • Now you have to make nail art design on top of this base coat. Dip your nail art tool- brush, toothpick or any other thing of your choice- in one of the nail colors and ensure that the paint covers it properly. Now create the nail designs- it can be pictures, dots, flowers- anything that grabs your attention! However, don't overdo- simple designs are often the most beautiful nail art designs when compared to the cluttered ones.
  • When you finish making the nail art design, apply a top coat. Let the nail paints dry properly and then apply a clear protective acrylic top coat. This will seal and protect your nail- and the nail art design too!

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