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Trendy and Fashionable Shorts as per Shapes, Height & Occasion

Women Fashionable Shorts
Fashionable Shorts
For summers, fashion stylists offer large and smart variety of ladies shorts are available in many colors, lengths, shapes and sizes. It is completely a different matter what shape goes with you, wearing shorts with tops is big hit in this season whether its for a polished work look, sexy night out or for any other occasion. Perfect day or evening wear, various designs and cuts render these shorts sexy and smart appeal. Fashion designers have done the tremendous work in outlining these shorts which include tailored styles cut just above the knee, flattering to mostly all body types.

Fashionable Shorts for Tall women

Mid thigh or knee-length shorts are perfect for tall women. This complements and enhances the proportion of tall ladies' long legs. You can go for some neutral shade that matches with your skin tone.

Fashionable Shorts for Petite women

Shorts comprised with shorter hemline are perfect for them. Women lying in this category should never be afraid of high heels as this is the way to further elongate leg and add an instant aggrandizement.

Shorts for Women with a Belly or Un-toned Midriff

Sharp and tapered cut shorts are perfect for them. Voluminous tops like looser fitting camisoles, peasant tops, tunics and smock tops goes nice and smart with these shorts. Along with this, they will also render balance and covering of the proportions with neatly cut shorts.

Fashionable Shorts for Women with Large Hips

Straight legged shorts that fall straight from hips are perfect for hippie ladies. Try to avoid form fitting shorts which draws more attention towards them.

Varied shapes of Fashionable Shorts

The most complementing short is low waist one with narrow and straight legs. Heavy ladies must prefer wider leg shorts. Either you are wearing trendy shorts or peppy Bermuda, don't try to show too much skin. Perfect balance goes by wearing short shorts with long sleeve dress shirt, tunic or billowy blouse. Long mid thigh, knee length, bermuda shorts also go well with sexy tanks.

Trendy Fashionable Shorts
Trendy Fashion Shorts

Fashionable Shorts at Work

Wearing short shorts at work is not good for petite women. Keep your look professional by wearing shorts that is of mid thigh length and has a cut just above the knee. They go perfect with a crisp, light cotton shirt and a tailored blazer.

Chic Shorts

Also known as hot pants, tiny and tight shorts are a big no in this summer and spring season. Perfect chic choices for shorts can be either Bermuda shorts, Knee length denim shorts, Cargo shorts or Loose, structured boxy shorts.

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