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How to Buy Womens Jeans?

Tips to Buy Womens Jeans
How to Buy Womens Jeans
11 January 2011- One of the must have women's wear are the womens jeans. No matter what, every women owns a couple or more of just one type of jeans to go with her tops and shirts. So, you will find a lots of variations in jeans regarding fabrics, fit, shape etc. However, not every jeans is meant for every woman! You have to keep your figure as well as your preferences in mind while buying jeans. Here we give you some tips on how to buy jeans based on different criteria. Some of these are general tips which will tell you how to buy durable and "value for your money" jeans while some other tips will give you an idea about how to judge which type of womens jeans will give you a flattering figure!

General Tips to Buy Womens Jeans

Before knowing how to buy a good jeans, just remember that whatever jeans or even trousers you buy, you must try it out and wear it for sometimes in the garment store itself. See whether you feel comfortable while you sit, stand or walk after wearing the jeans and then only decide to buy that particular womens jeans!
  • If you want to buy a jeans that lasts for at least some years, go for rigid denim jeans made of 100% cotton. Although they will feel as if they are small, they eventually conform to your body and last longer than stretch jeans.
  • However, if you want a jeans that will hide some of your minor body flaws, you might buy stretch jeans for women but know it very well that they would not last as the rigid denim jeans would. The stretch jeans including the designer jeans lose their elasticity with time.
  • Stretch jeans for curvy women is the best choice as they can be very flattering for women having more curves. However, women with flat rear ends should avoid stretch jeans as they emphasize lack of curves in them. They should, on the other hand, go for butt enhancing jeans.
  • Such women should go for tapered jeans or boot cut jeans having a tight fit and slim leg patterns as they can enhance the hips, thighs and butt. Women with big bottom should avoid such cuts.
  • If a woman with large bottom still wants to wear a boot cut jeans then she should go for a one which has a slight flare at the bottom (avoid the bell bottom jeans having larger flares at bottom). The slight flare jeans balances out large hips and heavy buttocks.
    • Jeans for Curvy Women
      Jeans for Curvy Women
      • One of the best jeans for curvy women (and even for tall women) are the wide leg jeans. If paired with fitted tops and heels or wedges having a round toe, wide leg jeans can give an attractive appearance to curvy women.
      • When you buy a low rise jeans, determine the size of your jeans on the basis of your dress size or by measuring your low waist- the site where your jeans actually sits. Do not go by the measurement of your natural waist to buy a low waist jeans.
      • As far as the question of the womens jeans fit is concerned, remember that almost all types of jeans stretch out a bit with wear and then shrink back once they are washed.
      • If you are thinking of buying whiskered jeans having whiskers or crease lines across the lap, you should know that these horizontal lines might make your legs look too heavy. If anyway, you still want to buy whiskered jeans, go for one which has subtle whiskers.
      • If you want to give a long, lean look to your legs, buy straight leg jeans.
      • Skinny jeans are also slim-fitting jeans. They are also one of the best women winter jeans. As you need to wear boots more often in winters as well as need to keep away cold from body, these skinny jeans are perfect as they can be easily tucked into a pair of boots due to lack of extra fabric around the ankles.
      • For a casual feel, you can buy boyfriend jeans with loose fit. You can cuff these jeans to your calf and wear them with heels. Boyfriend jeans especially look good on a woman having an athletic figure.

      How to Buy Women Jeans for Body Shapes

      These are simple guidelines naming the type of women jeans that can flatter particular body shapes of women.
      Women Jeans for Body Shapes
      Women Jeans for Body Shapes

      Womens Jeans for Apple Body Shape

      As women with apple body shape (inverted triangle shape) have slim hips, low rise jeans will suit them. Other jeans that suit such women include flare jeans, trouser jeans and bootcut jeans. Distressed jeans made of denim too flatter apple body shape by balancing shoulders with lower portion of body.

      Womens Jeans for Straight Body Shape

      Women with straight or rectangle body shape lack curves. Therefore they should buy such jeans which include such features as flaps on the back pockets, flare or bootcut legs. These features help create illusion of curves and a more rounder bottom.

      Womens Jeans for Pear Body Shape

      Women with pear or triangle shape body have round thighs as well as hips which are wider than shoulders. Boot cut jeans can balance there wider hips. Straight leg jeans too can help in making their legs elongated. Pear shape women should avoid flap rear pockets, too much embellished jeans backs and tapered jeans as these jeans accentuate wide bottom and hips.

      Womens Jeans for Hourglass Body Shape

      The gifted women with hourglass body shape with proportional upper and lower halves and well defined curves can wear almost all jeans, especially the trendy skinny jeans and even the very low-rise jeans which help in accentuating their curves.

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