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How to Buy Best Women Winter Jackets?

Women Winter Jacket
Women Winter Jacket
22 December 2010- Women are fond of fashionable clothes and women winter jackets are especially dear to any woman during those colder months when a very few clothes lend them style and glamor. Women love to flaunt their winter jackets and love to feel the warmth and style provided by them. However, because not all women have the perfect body shape or a lots of money to spend on designer winter jackets, many of them end up looking "not so stylish" even when they spend considerable time and money buying these winter jackets for women! So, what all women winter jackets types can be called the best winter jackets for women? The answer is simple- a winter jacket which is stylish, perfectly warm for the weather of the place, comes at reasonable price, lasts for at least a few years and which enhances the plus points of a woman's body shape! So, lets have some tips on how to buy best women winter jackets based on these parameters!

Tips to Buy Best Winter Jackets For Women

Along with a winter jacket that suits your body shape, you should analyze and pay attention to the following issues when you buy winter jackets.
  • If you are buying an investment winter jacket, you would obviously like your womens jacket to last for more than one season. This means not paying too much attention to the winter fashion trends because they change every year! Instead, the best winter jackets for women for the purpose of investment are the classic types of women winter coats and jackets or the ones that never go out of style like the leather jackets or fleece jackets.
  • As far as color of women winter jackets are concerned, bright colors are as popular as the neutral colors. If you want to wear your winter jacket with multiple dresses, go for neutral colors or the classics like blacks and browns.
Best Winter Jacket
Best Winter Jacket
  • Always pay attention to the activities for which you are buying a winter jacket. Are you going to wear it in the office or for formal parties? Do you want a women winter jacket for winter sports or you want one that you can wear casually to anywhere? Depending on your answers buy best winter jacket that suits your needs. You can get winter sports jacket or waterproof jacket for outdoor activities, down winter jacket for very cold climates, leather jacket for casual wearing and so on. If you decide to stick to a more standard design, you might be able to get multiple uses out of your winter jacket.
  • Apart from durability, purpose and budget, there is one more aspect that can be said to be equally important if not more than the other considerations to buy winter jackets for women. This is the issue of right winter jackets for womens body shapes. Analyze your body shape and know about the flaws and virtues of your body. Now choose the fabric material and designs of winter jackets that hide your body shape flaws and bring forth its plus points. Take the help of the following tips to know how to buy bets women winter jackets for body shape of a woman.

Best Women Winter Jackets for Body Shapes

Ill fitting women winter fashion clothes, especially a winter jacket can make you look worse even if you spend a handsome amount to buy the best womens winter jacket brands! So, buy a winter jacket that suits your body shape.

Women Winter Jacket for Pear Shape Body

The best winter jackets for women with a pear-shaped body have a slight A-line patter. This makes the fit of jacket better around the hips. Do not go for a jacket which is longer than the hips. It should also not hit at the widest part of the thighs.

Women Winter Jacket for Plus Size Body Shape

Plus Size Winter Jacket
Plus Size Winter Jacket
If you are a plus size woman and have a heavier than normal body, you should not wear jackets which are square and boxy. Buy those winter jackets that have cuts and look curvier in order to accentuate curves not hide them. Avoid heavier fabrics while buying jackets and look for such features as a statement collar or a large brooch pin that can help draw attention upwards to the face instead of the body.

Women Winter Jacket for Straight Body Shape

Women having straight or boy-shaped body types do not have curves. So, the best winter jackets for such women are the ones that add curves to their body or accentuate the few curves if any. For example, winter jackets for women with belts can define the waist and accentuate the hips. Winter jackets that cinches in at the waist and also have such features as pockets or pleats can help create curves in the straight body type of a woman. Straight body shaped women should avoid baggy jackets.

Women Winter Jacket for Large Bust Body Shape

Women having larger busts must avoid cropped jackets. They should buy such women winter jackets which hit at the hips or lower to balance the top and the bottom of their body. A single breasted jacket type is better than double breasted jacket for them. These women should avoid those winter jacket which have more features on top like a large lapel or statement collars.

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