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Ladies Swimwear

Ladies swimwearSwimwear is considered any fashionable woman's best friend and if she has a curvaceous figure, its all the more better . A modern curvy woman very well knows what to wear to suit her needs and what her body looks like. Accordingly, she chooses her clothes, which also includes swimwear. A swimsuit or swimwear is designed to be worn while swimming or doing other water activities like diving, water polo, surfing, water skiing, or for sun bathing on the beach. Swimsuits are also worn for the purpose of body display in beauty pageants. Confidence, style and strength are what the ladies swimwears are all about.

Types of Women's Swimwear

Manufactures, exporters, suppliers offer many types of ladies swimsuits. There are different swimsuits styles to choose from in the market.
  • One-piece swimsuit: One piece swimsuits are preferred by many conservative women , who are not comfortable with their midsection being bare. These swimsuits modestly cover their body. One piece swimsuits are also preferred by overweight women. They are basically ladies modest swimwear.
  • Two piece swimwears: They are the stylish bikini, tankini, separates or thongs and have become very popular in society today. The bikini has several variations, with the top being triangle shaped, round, or a design. The bottom can be a skimpy cover up, or a thong or string. The string bikini is perfect for a pear shaped body with curvy hips. A tankini is very similar to a bikini. The traditional swimsuit top is replaced by a tank top. Tankinis are designed for women who are self conscious with the upper part of their body.
  • Swimwear separates: Swimwear separates are very popular. They do not represent swimwear as a set. Rather you buy a top and bottom individually, but in such a way that they match in color and design. Separates have become a hit in the market because it becomes easier to find the perfect swim suit as per body shape and size.
  • Padded Bikini: This type of swim wear is preferred by those having small breasts or are flat on top . Wearing padded bikinis give the illusion of curvaceous figure and makes the upper body look more feminine.
  • Miracle Swimsuits: Well these are the latest entrants in the market. A miracle ladies swim suit is known to to make you look two sizes smaller than you really are, the moment you wear it. This type of swimwear is designed in such a way that colorful prints designs are applied to distract from trouble areas and the material used is stretchable, as a result of it accommodates your fat by compressing it, which makes the waistline looks slimmer. The miracle swim wear is ideal for plus-size figures.

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Women's Swimsuits Demand

Today fashion designers have begun to look at swimsuit from a woman's point of view and hence emphasis is given on total look, fit and comfort. Women's swimsuits are available for varied purpose and for every figure. Infact, swimwears are available for expectant mothers as well. Recent innovations in ladies designer swimwears have led to increase in their demand. Women's swimsuits go beyond the swimming pools today.

Ladies swimwear designers like Vix, Roxy, Venus, and Lisa Lozano of TNA Swimwear design beautiful tops that coordinate with separately sold bottoms. Infact these stunning, attractive tops when worn with wraps, sandals, and other fashion accessories can easily be transformed into a lovely dress. That means you can go directly from the beach to a dinner party. For many fashionable women, a swimwear is the foundation for their summertime wardrobe and hence they prefer to have a good collection of swimsuits in different colors, designs and styles. In addition, many modern women keep their swimsuit wardrobe handy year round, because of the ease of modern travel.

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Ladies Swimwear

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