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Ladies Beachwear
Beachwear is an essential commodity for today's high profile beach going ladies. It is the kind of apparel which is worn during beach walking, traveling, sun-bathing. Women beachwear is a one piece or two piece garment covering the breast and groin.

Usually people go on beaches for various purposes. Most of them go for sun-bath. So the costume used should be of such type that major part of the body must be exposed to the Sun. That's why ladies prefer beachwear of smallest possible sizes.

Fabrics Used in Beachwear

The fabrics used in any type of beach costume or swim wear should be made of non-absorbent and fast drying fabrics. An obsolete range of fibers provides exquisite style, impeccable comfort and trendy look. Commonly used fabrics for making ladies beachwear include polyester, nylon, silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, lycra etc.

Types of Women Beachwear

Beachwear cover a large range of costumes. It includes an exclusive range of stylish and comfortable apparels which suits to the soothing and exciting climate of beach.

Women Swim Wear

It is known by different names such as: swimsuit, bathing suit, aquajammies, swimming costumes. Swim wears can be skin-tight or loose-fitting. Women swimsuits are mainly either one-piece swim-suits, bikinis, or thongs. Dive skins is another type which is designed for some kind of swimming and diving. Further categories in it are available. For details, check out ladies swimwear.

Women Beach Wraps

Beach wraps are fashionable garments consisting of a large printed cloth used to wrap it around the waist. It can be wrapped around the breast part and as well as lower part. A number of costumes come under this category:

Women Beach Dresses

A variety of beach dresses make you possible to wander around the beach. Adding immense celebration and fun, it protects you fron direct sun rays. Usually it covers most of your body. A Plethora of beach dresses include:
  • Kimonos
  • Thongs
  • Capris
  • Kaftans
  • Beach pants
  • Beach tunics
  • Beach mini-skirts

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History of Beachwear

The evolution of beachwear is delicately connected to water sports and swimming. Earlier the original swimsuit was the body itself. Women beachwear has come quite a way since its first recorded use of bathing garment in Greece around 300 B.C. The early 1800`s saw the beginning of revolution of swim wear and beach wear when Americans flocked to the beaches for sea side recreation. The first swimsuits consisted of bloomers and black stockings. In 1907, Australian Annette Kellerman caused quite a stir, when she was arrested in the United States for wearing a loose, one piece suit that became the generally accepted swimsuit for women by 1910. After that beachwear and swimsuits began the trend of becoming lighter, briefer and more stylish On July 5, 1946, designer Louis Reard introduced bikinis at a fashion show in Paris. The 1960's were a time of daring. Rudi Gernrich came out with his monokini (the topless swimsuit).

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