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How to Buy Beachwear for Women?

Buying Beachwear for Women
Beachwear for Women
23 May 2011- Beachwear for women are not only for relaxation, comfort and the feeling of freeness- these ladies beachwear shows the fantastic figure (or otherwise) to the world! If you really want to stay relaxed about your looks as well as comfort, you should know how to buy women beachwear! Buying beachwear for woman needs to consider many aspects like body-size, fabric material, color preference, comfort and also the shape of ladies beachwear. Lets have a look into these factors that can guide you in buying beachwear just perfect for your body!

Buy Women Beachwear with Perfect Size

There is no short cut for getting the right size of a beachwear for woman. She has to measure her body parts that will wear the swimwear and those include- Torso, Bust, Waist and Hips. Measure your body size according to the following tips and get a beachwear that looks like as if it was manufactured for you only!
Size of Beachwear for Women

Measure Torso for Buying Beachwear

Take a measuring tape and run it diagonally across your body starting from the shoulders, covering the fullest part of your bust till the point just between your legs and back to the starting point.

Measure Bust for Buying Beachwear

Hold one end of the measure tape at the fullest part of your bust and bring the other end to it by taking the tape round from your back. Your arms should relax at your sides.

Measure Waist for Buying Beachwear

As against the bust size where you measure the fullest part, you have to measure your waist at the narrowest point. Remember not to wear more than a piece of cloth (preferably underwear) while measuring your waist. When buying your ladies beachwear, just add half an inch for comfort.

Measure Hips for Buying Beachwear

While measuring your hips for buying beachwear, stand with your heels together. Take the measure tape around the fullest part of the hips.

After you get the size of your body, you can compare them with the size chart of the beachwear brand available in the swimwear store and buy the perfectly sized beachwear for women.

Buying Tips for Figure Flattering Women Beachwear

Figure Flattering Ladies Beachwear
Figure Flattering Beachwear
After the size of the ladies beachwear, the most important consideration is the shape and other details of the beachwear that will make the women look fabulous in them. So, how to go for such beachwear for women that flatter their figure? Here are some tips for buying beachwear according to your body shape.
  • If you have a fuller bust and you need a beachwear to support and minimize the bust, you must buy a beachwear that draws eyes away from the bust area. So, get a beachwear that has details at the waist and hips. Don't make your shoulders look broader by choosing beachwear with wide set straps.
  • If you have smaller bust and a narrow boy like waist, you need to define curves at waistline. So, buy a beachwear having details at the waist and bust. Avoid buying beachwear with square necklines and/or verticle stripes. Buying beachwear for women with layers of tiered ruffles on the swimsuit top will help adding volume and giving the illusion of a fuller chest. You can also buy a swimsuit having extra padding.
  • If you have fuller hips and thighs, you need to draw the eyes of beholder away from your hips. For this you can buy beachwear having bottoms in dark colors.
  • If you have more curves and you want to buy a beachwear that conceal them a bit, you should buy beachwear made with concealing control fabrics in draped and shirred styles. You can also go for beachwear with smaller or geometric patterns and avoid large patterns.
  • If you have a sagging bustline, buy beachwear with a slightly curved sweetheart neckline. A bikini top having a bra-like underwire cup can also provide support to a sagging bustline.
  • If you have those love handles on your abdomen, buy beachwear with adjustable ties on the sides. A plunging neckline and and also a halter-cut bathing suit is able to draw the eye away from a flabby stomach.

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