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Women Sarongs: Multiple Styles

Sarong is a piece of cloth which can be tied up in a number of ways to get an eternally sexy look each time. Most often worn at the beaches, women sarongs are the ultimate cover ups which can also be doubled up as a towel or a beach blanket. Here are three different ways to use your favorite sarong and set the fashion meter soaring high with its chic elegance and sexy look.

Sarong as a Tie Skirt

Step 1: First of all step in front of your sarong. As in let the sarong be at your backside.

Step 2: Now, pull the ends forward while the fabric sets comfortably on the waist. In case you have a fringed sarong, make sure that you pull the unfringed ends around your waist.

Step 3: The last step is to wrap the ends around your waist and tie a knot on the left side of your waist. You are ready with an elegant tie skirt around your waist.

  Sarong Skirt
Sarong Skirt

Sarong as a Wrap Skirt

Step 1: A sarong wrap skirt is worn over a two piece swim wear, hence the first step it to put on your two-piece swimsuit.

Step 2: Wrap around the sarong neatly around your waist while pulling the ends forward. In case of a fringed sarong, make sure that you pull the unfringed ends around your waist.

Step 3: Now tuck one of the ends of your sarong into the bathing suit bottom at the opposite hip. Make sure the sarong fabric is held properly, use a pin if the bottom can not hold it well.

Step 4: Next, bring the free end to the other hip while smoothing the sarong evenly across the belly. As the fabric is held with one hand, start folding the fabric a few inches after your belly button.

Step 5: Last but not the least, fold the pleated end into the waistband and you have the sarong as a wraparound for you..!!

Sarong Wrap Skirt
Sarong Wrap Skirt

Sarong as a Halter Dress

Step 1: The very first thing to do is to pull the ends of the sarong forward, so as to make the material lie flat across the upper back. Make sure that the ends are maintained at an equal length.

Step 2: Now, gather the ends and wrap them across your bust, secure the hold by pulling the ends gently.

Step 3: Next, pull the ends up and over the shoulder.

Step 4: Lastly, tie the ends into a knot on the nape of your neck and you are raring to go with a sexy halter sarong dress.

  Sarong Halter
Sarong Halter

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