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Mini Skirts

Women Mini SkirtsMini Skirts are one of the most common fashion wear for young, fashionable women. Considered to be a very hot, sexy fun fashion item, mini skirts have been a regular fashion wear in every summer. Infact, there really is no other garment that can be more comfortable for a woman than a mini skirt. Mini skirts are refreshing items and fashion designers keep on experimenting with their cuts and designs, time to time, and hence ladies mini skirts can never go out of fashion. In countries like US, UK, Europe, the mini skirt is a quick selling garment. Every fashionable girl has at least one denim short skirt or any other mini skirt hanging or lying in her closet and she will want to replace that, at least once every other year.

Mini Skirts Fabrics

Miniskirts come in many different materials. The most common material used in the making of mini skirts is the denim fabric. Denim mini skirts give a very elegant, smart look to the wearer. Another common material is leather. Leather mini skirts give a very hot look. Other materials used in the making of mini skirts are cotton, twill, wool, satin, khaki, corduroy, silk, lycra, nylon etc.

Mini Skirts Styles and Designs

Mini skirts are available in an array of styles and colors, which are just perfect for club wear, costumes, or regular clothing. They are available in different sizes, from petite to plus size. The only two variables that are of importance when buying a mini skirt are the length and the waist size. The length of the mini skirt is easily measured using a measuring tape, from the lower waist, down your thigh to a length just above the knees. The hemline of the skirt should be above the knees. The more shorter versions are referred as micro minis. The shape and measurements of the women's legs and buttocks and are not really important for the fit of this type of garment.

Any woman who wants to look attractive and good about her body should not hesitate to wear a mini skirt. It is just that she should know how to carry herself well. The varied styles available in mini skirts are plaid pleated skirt, solid pleated skirt, belted skirt, low rise mini skirts etc. They also have button embellishment on the waist belt or on the sides. The beauty of silk mini skirts are enhanced with floral prints, hand-painted designs, etc. Checked and striped designs are also popular among mini skirts. Considering the various styles options, a great mini skirt is a must have for any woman's wardrobe.

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Style Tips: Proper Clothing and Accessories with Mini Skirts

Simply wearing a mini skirt is not enough. A proper look is attained only when is combined with the right accessories and tops. A mini skirt goes well with a halter top, sleeveless top, short tunic or a short shirt. Never wear anything long with a mini skirt. Avoid anything with too much bulk. If you are trying to look classy or professional like, you might wear a long-sleeved blouse in silk or linen. If you are going out on a date, you could wear a v-neck blouse. Mini skirts can also be worn in winters. For colder weather, consider a stylish jacket or trench coat that comes just above the length of the skirt. This will elongate the look of your body. In winter, you can wear mini skirts with tights or pantyhose. Sheer, neutral colors look good on anyone. Patterned, textured, colorful tights add some glamor.

Footwear can further attenuate your look provided you make the right choice. Don't wear high heels, more then two inches, if you are wearing a mini skirt. Minis go well with ballet flats, flat slides, boots and wedges with a small rise. Wearing mini skirts with knee high boots give a classy look.

For jewelry, choose one or two items, like a sparkling pair of earrings and a subtle necklace, which will pull your look together. Keep your accessories basic and neutral.

Popularity of Mini Skirts

Wearing mini-skirts give a slimming effect. Many girls or women look much better, wearing a short skirt rather than a pair of tight jeans. Women look younger, slimmer when wearing mini skirts than when these same women would be wearing jeans or pants. Mini skirts are considered to be more slimming than tight jeans.

Mini skirts are also a popular item of clothing for sports activities, cycling, cartwheel etc. The only thing that is required here is that the skirt has an in-built shorts or you wear leggings underneath so that you don't have to worry about showing your underwear.

In countries like USA, UK, Europe, western girls wear mini skirts to get tanned legs.

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