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A-line Skirts

A-Line SkirtsAs implied from its name, an A-line skirts is a women silhouette that is narrower at the top, gently flaring wide towards the bottom resembling the letter "A". These skirts were introduced in the early 1960s and are in fashion even today. These skirts are suitable for women of almost every figure, but they really look good on women with disguising bottom-heavy figures. These skirts are also known as flared skirt.

Highly flattering and girlish A-line skirts are a must have fashion garment among ladies of all age groups, especially young girls. These skirts go well with designer tops, shirts, etc. The relaxed structure of the skirt makes it suitable for work, parties, get together etc. They are suitable for every occasion and can be worn both during day and night.

Fabric Used for A-line Skirts

A wide range of good quality and soft fabrics are used for making A-line skirts. Most commonly used fabrics used are as follows:
  • Cotton
  • Poplin
  • Velvet
  • Denim

A-line Skirts Styles & Design

As with all women dresses, designs and styles are varied, and A-line skirts are no exceptions. The versatility in design and color makes them a must have wardrobe item.

Styles: Various styles available with these skirts are as follows:
  • Length: These skirts come in regular and long lengths. However knee-length skirts are also made as per customer' s requirement.
  • Button: Some skirts are embellished with buttons on the front. There are some skirts with faux button along with flap pockets at front and single pleat at back. Buttons are also attached on the sides for a stylish look.
  • Cut: These skirts are known for their stylish cut. The bias-cut panel offers easy movement and a flared, comfortable fit. Striped panels joined at the bias also look great.
Some skirts come with a back zipper that ensure a better fit.

Design: Various techniques are used for enhancing the beauty of these flared skirts. Delicate floral embroidery on the hem and sides imparts a gorgeous look to these skirts. Again crocheted designs are also preferred for a stylish look. Printed and striped skirts are also popular.

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