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Corset Tops

Corset Tops
Corset Top
Corset tops are those women tops that are liked by ladies who are too much into fashion. They are ideal for such ladies who have a figure to flaunt. Corset tops are body hugging covering your real contours and thus making you look what you actually are. They are usually demanded by women who do not want to look flabby.

What is Corset and Corset Top? - The Difference

A corset is a clothing item that is worn to hold and shape the torso into an attractive desired shape either for aesthetic or medical purposes. Although, corsets as inner wear are a popular women wear but it is not uncommon for men to wear corsets.

Corset tops, on the other hand, is a fashion clothing worn by women as outerwear (corset tops are used wear out on body and not as a inner wear or lingerie). These modern outerwear corset tops usually feature lacing, boning etc. for a refined fashionable look. Although, these fashion corset tops look like historical style of corsets, they have negligible effect on the shape of the wearer's body.

Ladies Fashion Corset Tops- The Wearing Styles!

Corset tops or rather the fashionable corset-style tops have become popular as party wear and for spicing up everyday women wear. These corset tops are worn over basic shirts and tank tops. Many ladies, especially the young girls also wear corset top with skirt just as they wear any other normal top. In fact, the fashion corset style top make an ultimate fashion statement when paired with skirts, jeans, trousers, etc.

Corset Tops
Corset Tops Styles
Corset tops accentuate the natural shape of the body. Particularly worn by young females, these corset tops add a touch of naughty detail while still remaining comfortable. They are today one of the most widely worn top over bridal gowns too.

Stylish Corset Tops- Various Styles of Corset Tops

This classic fashion apparel- the corset top- is not restricted to formal gatherings only. If you want a corset top that you can wear for a casual occasions, you will find a wide range available in fabrics like cotton and linen. Corset style tops are extremely feminine and fairly tight-fitting. They are sleeveless tops and are available in various neck styles and patterns. Round neck and V-neck are the most popular ones. Again various techniques are used to adorn these fashionable corset tops. Embroidery, patchwork, printed designs, lace etc. add an extra edge to corset tops. Some of the popular styles of corset tops are described here for the sake of fashion knowledge of the women who love to look stylish!

Lace Corset Top

Strapless Lace Corset Top
Strapless Lace Corset Top
Lace corsets are a very favorite inner wear for women and so is the lace corset top. There are different types of lace corset tops that make the wearer look incredible and curvy by reducing the size of the waist line and by providing a special glamorous effect provided by lace! However, most of the women do not wear lace corset tops as lone outerwear. They prefer wearing an under layer or some kind of under garment to go with it due to the very obvious appearance of lace (the holes in the lace fabric).

Strapless Corset Tops

Strapless corset tops have, of late, become a hot fashionable clothing which is loved by women, especially the younger women with flattering figure. The sexy strapless corsets having various trims like hook and eye front, waist cinching lace up back, removable garters and accompanied with thongs have been a very popular women's lingerie. The strapless corset tops have equally become popular for the sexy stylish look they provide to the wearer. Some of the boned and lined corset bodice come with removable straps. They also come in form of corset dress gathered at waist and having a beautiful skirt for creating layered effect.

Plus Size Corset Tops

Many corset top manufacturers make plus size corset tops for women with fuller bodies. Not only plus size women but those having back problems and pain due to improper body posture also sometimes use plus size corsets. Many a times these corset tops resemble a corselette ( a type of foundation garment representing elements of both brassieres and girdles.) Corselet corset tops help a woman look thinner and these plus size corset type have support straps too. Plus size under bust corset gives a slimmer appearance as compared to a corselet inner gown.

Corset Tops Manufacturers & Suppliers

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Halter Corset Top

Halter tops have already become popular among the fashionable ladies and when it comes to halter corset top, they are the ultimate fashion statement! Although the halter corset tops are made with almost all types of fabrics, those made with leather are loved by the women. The halter style leather corsets paired with leather pants give them ultimate style and glamor!
Leather Halter Corset TopGothic Corset Top
Halter Corset TopGothic Corset Top

Gothic Corset Tops

Gothic corset tops are one of the retro fashion clothing which is associated with the Gothic culture traced back to the Victorian period. Gothic clothing especially represent dark and extravagant colored cloths with such characteristics as laced corsets, black velvets, jewelry, leather dashes etc. Gothic fashion flourished during the late medieval period and the modern women too love to wear these fashion clothing especially the Gothic corset tops. Gothic corsets are worn for parties, functions and such other occasions.

Bustier Corset Tops

Bustier Corset Top
Bustier Corset Top
Bustier is that women clothing which can be worn as an undergarment and also as an over garment. Bustiers begin at the bosom and go down to the hips. It is worn both as lingerie and/or as outer outfits. The modern day bustiers have thin lacy straps but most bustiers look like tube tops. They are similar to corsets in that they function boning that can help continue. As is known that the corset is a close fitted boned undergarment which is used to shape a woman's torso. It can possibly extend from over or below the bust to the hips, providing the proper binding impact to have a flatter waistline.

Origin of Corset Tops- The History

The corset top derives its name from the word "corset", which was a traditional garment worn by females to mold and shape their body for aesthetic or medical purposes. Today, the term "corset" has become very popular in the fashion industry as corset tops. Corset top is a perfect blend of antiquity and modernity as it bears its origin from Victorian era and has been modernized according to modern day acceptance.

Fabrics Used to Make Corset Tops

Corset tops can be worn for both formal and casual occasions depending on the materials used and the styles of corset tops. Almost all types of fabrics dear to fashionable women are used for making women's corset tops. The formal tops are made of fabrics like satin, brocade or leather. Leather corset tops make a stunning statement at any event or romantic rendezvous. In cold seasons, corset tank pullovers are very attractive. Some of the popular fabrics used to make fashion corset tops for women include:
  • Cotton
  • Georgette
  • Wool
  • Leather
  • Sheer Mesh
  • Satin
  • Brocade
These fabrics are used to make various colored corset tops for women and thus these tops come in multiple shades. Black corset top are a right choice for parties though some of the popular color corset tops other than the black corset top include pink corset top; red corset tops; white corset tops; and blue corset top! The changing trends and rising demand for fashionable garments have made corset tops a must have silhouette in the women's fashion industry.

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