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New Womens Tops Styles!

Womens Tops Styles
Womens Tops Styles
24 November 2010- When we talk about new womens tops styles, we are actually trying to make out what is the latest trends in women tops. However, this should also be understood by all the women seeking trendy tops deigns that although there can be certain latest ladies tops patterns that could be worn by many women in a season, some basic ladies tops patterns always remain the "in thing!" So, when you wear the basic strapless tops or long sleeved tops or even tank tops, you need not worry about the looks that could tell you "how old fashioned tops can you wear!" Because these are all classic tops styles for women of all periods. So, what the phrase "new womens tops styles" indicate is all the womens tops designs made popular by the fashion designers for a particular season! We will, therefore know about the evergreen womens tops styles that you can wear always and some really new womens tops styles that you can wear to be in sync with the latest fashion trends!

Basic Womens Tops Styles & Patterns

There are at least four basic womens tops styles- Strapless tops; Tank Tops; T Shirts; and Long Sleeved Tops.

Strapless Tops - This womens tops pattern, as the name suggests, has no straps or sleeves like the tube tops, and so is the favorite style for the very daring women out there. You will always look trendy if you choose to wear a strapless top.

Tank Tops- This top style has straps instead of sleeves. These straps can have a variety of patterns- a thin strap or as wider as a sleeveless t-shirt can get!

Strapless Tube Top Ladies Tank Top
Strapless Tube Top Ladies Tank Top
T Shirts- Do they need any introduction? The versatile and very comfortable top style- the T-shirts can never go out of fashion. However, watch out for those cropped , tiny tees which are no longer in fashion. Layering tees, on the other hand are again becoming a hot top style for the fashion conscious women.

Long Sleeved Tops- All types of sleeves have been experimented in this ladies tops pattern. However, avoid the puffed sleeves except when you are in for vintage tops. Henley's and turtlenecks are quite trendy in long sleeve women tops styles.
Layering T Shirt Top	Long Sleeved Top
Layering T Shirt Top Long Sleeved Top

Latest Womens Tops Styles & Patterns

And now its the turn to know about the new womens tops styles. While the basic womens tops designs can be worn always, the new patterns that we will be talking about are the latest trend in womens tops for this season.

Ruffled Tops

If you go by the fashion shows of the year, the ruffled womens top style is the hot fashion trend of the day. Whether on the front or on the back or even all over, the ruffled tops for ladies are IN. And if you want to be yet more trendy with the hot fabric print then choose one with animal prints!

Ruffled Womens Tops Pattern Ruffled Womens Tops Pattern
Ruffled Womens Tops Pattern

Tunic Tops

The loose-fitting, long ladies blouses are becoming a hot rage among the women of the day. These tunic tops are comfortable as well as inspiring. Tunic tops patterns mostly have Bohemian and Indian Kurti style cuts. Although, the loose fabrics of womens tunics can make one look a little bigger but can perfectly hide some imperfections too.
Womens Tops Style- Tunic Womens Tops Style- Tunic
Womens Tops Style- Tunic
These were some of the basic and new womens tops styles and patterns that you can wear to be trendy and in sync with today's fashion. If you are searching for some advanced fashion trends for winters, you can read Winter Fashion Trends 2010-11 for Women

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