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What to Wear with a Corset Top?

Wear Corset Tops with Short Skirt
Corset Tops
7 July 2011- Among all the types of fashion clothing for women, corsets and corset tops need a special mention. Why? Because, these corsets as undergarments as well as the outerwear corset tops bring out the true and typical hourglass shape of a woman! And that is true for not only the slim and trim women but also the plus size women who can now find various plus size corset tops to wear out in order to hide their body flaws and to make them look in shape! However, because corset tops are not the regular women tops that can be worn with anything out their in the wardrobe, women seem to be in dilemma for most of the times as to how to wear corset tops and what to wear with these fashion corset tops- a jeans, a skirt or something else that will lend them the most glamorous as well as elegant look? So, here we tell you about this open secret- what to wear with corset tops as well as how to wear them!

Wear Corset Tops with Jeans

Wear Corset Tops with Jeans
Wear Corset Tops with Jeans

One of the obvious choice for wearing a corset top is to pair it with a jeans. However, you must be a little more cautious when choosing a jeans to wear with a corset top. A tight jeans goes well with corset tops. If you are not totally comfortable with your corset top on jeans, you can wear it with a long sleeved undershirt that is open at the neck line. Wear the corset over top of the undershirt!

Wear Corset Tops with Shorts

Wear Corset Tops with Shorts
Wear Corset Tops with Shorts

Corset tops have now become a very popular casual wear and have proved themselves as a great outerwear piece to match not only your denims but also the cut off denims. This is the option to wear corset tops when you want to look "carefully carelessly stunning!" Alternatively, you can even wear a denim corset top with shorts. It too will look good. If thinking about what color corset top to wear with denims, the brown, beige, maroon or black corset tops look great with them.

Wear Corset Tops with Skirts

Wear Corset Tops with Pencil Skirt
Wear Corset Tops with Skirt

Wearing a corset top with pencil skirt is the classic choice. However, you can wear corset tops with skirts of many other types and not only the pencil skirt! Wear a corset top with short skirt and if doing so, its better to wear a blouse too under your corset top. For some more style you can leave the blouse unbuttoned at the top! Corset tops also look good with swishing long skirts. Plus size women can wear a long layered teffeta skirt that will make them look slim. A small layered skirt too look good when worn with a corset top. If you decide to wear a strapless corset top or a bustier one for that matter, you can even choose to have s shrug to cover your arms at the top.

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