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Women Trousers

Women's TrousersWomen's trousers or pants are a very popular form of clothing, available in many colors which provide smart and stylish look to the wearer. Trousers, also known as pants, were first created and designed for the male genre in the 16th century, however over the period of time, this form of apparel has become highly in vogue for the women kind also. The majority of women population in the Western countries today wear pants as opposed to skirts or dresses most of the time.

Worn with a matching shirt or top or a kurti, trousers, it gives a very elegant and fashionable look to the wearer. With the outgoing attitude of today's women, their fast lives, their professional look all these have led to an ever increasing demand for trousers in women's fashion. They are the best choice for women's office and formal wear.

Types of Women Trousers or Women Pants

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Essential Characteristics for Women Trousers

Length: Trousers cover the body starting from the waist and go till the top of the foot or stop anywhere from the upper thigh to the ankle. The trousers which start from the waist and stop anywhere below the knee or the calf, is called a capri.

Pockets: There could be front pockets and back pockets in trousers. Jeans are a form of trouser which have comparatively small pockets that are not so deep as the normal or general trousers.
Another form of trouser called cargo, usually has a lot of pockets from all sides in it.

Pleats: Pleats are the vertical folds in the trousers made by doubling the material upon itself and then pressing and stitching them accordingly. Formal trousers have the pleats in them and jeans usually are preferred without the pleats.

Leg Shape: The trouser legs could be straight, tapered or widened around the ankles (Boot Cut). The bottom could also be thick and widened further to ba called the bell-bottoms.

Belt Loops: These may or may not be present in a trouser, depending upon the fitting of the trouser whether a belt is required or not.

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