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Ladies Dungarees

Ladies DungareesLadies dungarees are one of the most popular type of casual wear during summers. Initially considered as a protective suit for men, today dungarees are an essential part of women's fashion. Nowadays, dungarees have been increasingly worn by young people of both sexes and as a style statement, most prefer to worn with one of the straps worn loose or unfastened along the side and under the arm. They are available in varied lengths, the popular ones being the length upto the knee. Dungarees are comfortable, as well as fashionable and preferred by young girls. They are today teen-staple fashion status. Dungarees makes you look exactly they way you want yourself to look, stylish and classy.

Women's Dungarees Styles

Dungarees are also known as overall. Used as protective clothing when working by men, these were initially designed in full lengths like trousers with an attached front patch, which covered the chest and with attached braces which go over the shoulders. The same design by the name of "overall" is still in use not only as a protective suit but also as a casual wear for boys.

But when we talk about ladies dungarees, they usually refer to the knee length or slightly above the knee, short trousers with a bib and attached braces over the shoulders. Ladies dungarees in full lengths are also available and they are known as ladies overalls. They are worn with plaid flannel shirts (in winter). Dungarees are paired with T-shirts or tank tops in summers. Though dungarees are usually seen in plain, solid colors, nowadays printed dungarees have also become popular.
Dungarees come in an amazing number of styles. There are a multitude of shades, different fasteners, bib patterns, floral prints, pockets in various positions, and leg lengths and widths vary too.

Dungarees Fabrics

They are usually made of denim fabric. Ladies denim dungarees are widely demanded. But dungarees in cotton, cotton canvas, twill, corduroy etc. are also popular.

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Dungarees Fashion Popularity

Dungarees are back in the fashion circuit. Lots of bright shades and prints are seen in the designs of these dungarees. Infact in many fashion stores, dungarees are seen as beautiful spring/summer collections. For one reputed fashion designer, dungarees was referred as "fashion charm beyond toddler domain". Celebrities such as Demi Moore, Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue, Helena Christensen have made this casual wear all the more popular by wearing it in parties and social events.

Dungarees are today the most preferred dress for any women for their exceptional durability and comfort, allowing them ease of movement. Though they are lightweight, they are rugged enough to handle the toughest jobs.
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