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Designer T-shirts

Fashion Designer T-shirtThese days, the most popular global brands have come out with an exclusive and exquisite range of designer T-shirts for women. These T-shirts are primarily accepted for informal clothing and are seldom used for formal purposes.

This category of women T-shirts are significantly created and designed by the globally renowned and skilled designers. These are generally very high priced T-shirts which have a blend of panache and flamboyance. Designer T-shirts are a special type of T-shirts that are very rich in class and are of a superior quality than the general and common women T-shirts.

The designer T-shirts are threaded, knitted and stitched by the prolific and high-profile designers to further add their designs in the form of scribblings, paintings, embroidery and printing.

Fabric Used for Designer T-shirt

  • Lycra
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Poly-cotton Blend

Women Designer T-shirt

  • Spaghetti
  • Cap Sleeve
  • Long Sleeve
  • Front Center Print
  • Bust Print
  • Full Back Print
  • Tank T-Shirt

Buying Tips for Designer T-shirt

  • A lot of design on the T-shirts get boring. So this is to be kept in mind that the T-shirts do not have a lot of art and embroidery on them.
  • The designs should be posed at the right place. The designs at the center of the T-shirts look more attractive.
  • The quality of the fabric should always be considered while buying the T-shirts.
  • Since these designer T-shirts are highly priced than the usual ones, therefore the style, design, art and size should be given a special preference.

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