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Wrap Around Skirts

Wrap Around SkirtsAs the name suggests, wrap around skirt wraps around and ties at the waist. These are free-flowing skirts that come in variable lengths and styles. These skirts are highly fashionable and wrap around with ties and two openings at the hip to fit different waist sizes. They are also known as wrap over skirts.

Wrap around skirts are ideal for females who find it difficult to put on conventional style skirts and trousers. Woven from fine quality fabrics, wrap over skirts are suitable for all occasions, be it formal or casual. They are also ideal for walking in beaches.

Fabrics Used for Wrap Around Skirts

To give them an elegant look and make them comfortable to wear, a wide range of fabrics are used for weaving wrap over skirts. Some of the common fabrics used are as follows:
  • Cotton
  • Georgette
  • Chiffon
  • Satin

The styles of wrap around skirts may vary depending on the following:

  • Length: The length is variable in these skirts. The skirt length ranges from knee length, calf length, short length and even ankle length.
  • Pocket: There are some wrap-over style skirts, which have side pockets. This imparts a sporty look to these skirts.
  • Pleats: Some wrap over skirts also come with pleats on the front side.
  • Buttons: To add on to the style of a wrap around skirt, some buttons are also added in an A-line manner on the front side.

Designs in Ladies Wrap Skirts:

Various decorative techniques are used to adorn these wrap around skirts. Embroidery, printed designs, embellishments with beads, laces, mirrors etc. also enhance the overall look of these fashionable skirts. Various styles are available for wrap around skirts. These skirts are very user-friendly. They are found in various forms catering to the wearer's choice and needs. Wrap around skirts come in various designs favoring both the young and the older generation. Likely, they are available in both light and dark shades.

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