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Ladies Fashion SkirtsWomen Fashion Skirts are considered one of the most fashionable wear of women of today all across the globe. Skirts are usually tube or cone shaped garment that hang from the waist and covers all or part of the legs. Various skirts of different designs, styles, fabrics, prints are available and one can make a choice as per the occasion. Skirts are available for both formal and casual occasions.

In its simplest form, a skirt can be a free falling garment styled out of a single piece of material like sarongs or pareos, but most skirts are fitted to the body at the waist and fuller below. The completeness in the skirt is introduced by means of pleats, darts, gores, or panels. Ladies skirts are fashionable and trendy with perfect cuts, finish, fits and flows. Designers all over have come up with unique styles of skirts to suit the structure of different body types. They are aesthetically designed in sync with current fashion prevailing in the fashion market. The hemline of skirts are variable and can be as high as the upper thigh or as low as the ground, depending on the fashion trend and the personal choice of the wearer. Thus, women skirts can be full length, short length, knee length, minis and short skirts in stripes, checks, plain, floral, abstract designs with embroidery and knitting work. Paired with a matching top or shirt overall enhance the appeal of these fashion skirts.

Women Fashion Skirts Types

There are various types of women's skirts depending on their length, style, etc. Some of the common types are:

Womens Fashion Skirts' Fabrics

Modern day skirts are generally made of light to mid-weight and fine quality fabrics. Some of the fabrics used include Denim, Silk, Jersey, Cotton, Worsted, Poplin etc. However, some skirts are made of thin or clingy fabrics. These skirts usually worn with slips for modesty as well as for better drape.

Different Shapes of Skirts

  • Full skirt: It is a full-length skirt with fullness extending from the waistband.
  • Straight skirt: These skirts have a straight cut. These tailored skirts hang straight from the hips and are fitted from the waist to the hips. Straight skirts are also designed with a kick-pleat for walking comfortably.
  • Pleated skirt: In these skirts, the fullness is reduced by means of regular pleats, also known as plaits or folds so that they fit the waist in a proper way. The pleats can be stitched flat to hip-level or free-hanging.
  • Types of Ladies Fashion Skirts
    Types of Ladies Fashion Skirts
  • Circle skirt: This type of skirt is cut in sections so as to make one or more circles with a hole for the waist. The design imparts fullness to the skirt and also lets the skirt hang smoothly from the waist without darts, pleats or gathers.
  • A-line skirt: These skirts are designed with minimum flare and in some way they represent the capital letter A of English alphabet.
  • Divided skirt: These fashionable skirts resemble a skirt, but is divided into two legs. Divided skirts are very similar to a loose-fitting pair of trousers or long shorts.
For more information on fashion skirts as per body shape, check out our article Fashion Skirts: Complementing the Body Structure.

Some Popular Fashionable Skirts Designs

Hobble skirt

Ladies Dirndl Skirt
Dirndl Skirt
These skirts have fullness at the hips, which narrows down to the ankles. They were highly fashionable in the early 20th century.

Poodle skirt

These skirts have more or less circle or near-circle shape with applique poodle or other adornments. Poodle skirts were in fashion in 1950s.


This type of skirt is usually made of a straight length of fabric, which is gathered at the waist.


It is basically a wrap-around skirt styled with overlapping aprons in front and pleated around the back. It is a traditional women's wear yet fashionable.

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Different Styles in Ladies Fashion Skirts

Prairie skirt

It is a simple skirt with flares along with one or more flounces or tiers. Prairie skirts are popular since 1970 and still in fashion.

Mini skirt

It is a thigh-length skirt. There is another type of miniskirt, which is extremely short in length. They are popular since 1960s.

Maxi skirt

It is a mid-calf-length skirt, which is in fashion since 1970s.

Broomstick skirt

This is a fashionable skirt which is designed with several crumpled pleats. These pleats are formed by compressing and twisting the clothing while it is wet. They are in fashion since 1980s till today.

Trouser skirt

These skirts have a straight cut in which the part above the hips is designed more like a men's trouser. The skirt is provided with belt loops, pockets and fly front.


It is basically a wrap around skirt made of a square fabric. The skirt is wrapped around the body and tied on one hip to make a skirt. Sarongs are also worn as a skirt or as a cover-up over a bathing suit in tropical climates.

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