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Formal Trousers

Ladies Formal TrousersLadies formal trousers, as the name suggests, are meant for formal purposes like going to offices, formal and official parties, etc. These trousers demonstrate excellence and perfection when worn by any women of today.

Essential Characteristics

Length: These women trousers start from the waist and stops at the top or bottom of the foot.

Pockets: The formal trousers for women may or may not have the pockets. The pockets are generally placed in the front part of the trouser, however in some rare trousers, you may also see pockets at the back of them.

Pleats: Women formal trousers may or may not have the pleats depending on the occasion.

Belt Loops: The formal trousers for women may or may not have the belt loops.

Waist Band: Waist bands are a hallmark of a women's formal trouser. They are the most common in formal trousers.

Ladies Formal Designer Trousers

  • Velvet Trousers
  • Turn-up Trousers
  • Flat front Trousers
  • Cropped Leg Trousers
  • Bootleg Trousers
  • Straight Leg Trousers
  • Slim Leg Trousers
  • Wide Leg Trousers
  • Petite Formal Trousers

Fabric Used for Ladies Formal Trousers

A variety of natural and synthetic fibers are used for the women formal trouser.
  • Cotton
  • Wool and cotton blend
  • Corduroy
  • Polyester
  • Linen
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