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Functional Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Wardrobe Essentials
Functional Wardrobe Essentials
For every woman, be a professional one or a housewife, a student or an middled aged lady, to have a proper wardrobe with all the basic necessities is a must. For many who want to be stylish, the closet can be filled with lots of trendy dresses and accessories. But the question here is not to have a closet full of clothes, but a fully functional wardrobe. A functional wardrobe is one where there is always something to wear and there is nothing that is missing. There are basic dresses, accents and necessary accessories that make your wardrobe work. At face value, this might seem to be very simple but in reality to build a functional wardrobe for yourself is not that easy. It needs time, your sense of style, your choices and of course money.

How do you Start Creating Your Wardrobe?

Creating your wardrobe needs patience and you should consider this as your pet project. The beauty of your wardrobe not necessarily mean that you should fill it all designer stuff. All that is stored in the closet should work for you. So in the very beginning get the basic stuff. It is important to start with a solid foundation of dresses and clothes that will see you through everything from a day at the office to the mall to a casual outing or to a party. A wardrobe that works also contains apparel that serve you well for longer than just a few months. Once that has been accomplished, start choosing the accessories to accent your dress. Have fun with the latest trends. Its good to invest in some good stuff. Go for some brand labels. You will find a wide range of women fashion clothing at reasonable, mid-range price points as well.

Essentials that Make Your Wardrobe Work

There are a few key basic clothes that make your wardrobe work. Some of the basic stuff that you can invest in while starting your functional wardrobe are as follows:
  • Black Dress: A black dress is any fashionable lady's wardrobe essential. Whatever you may opt for lengthwise, make sure that the dress fits you properly.
  • Dress Pants: Dress pants are another wardrobe essential that go with just about anything. A smart pair of tailored trousers will serve you well for years. Opt for a neutral shade.
  • White Shirts: The white button-down shirt is one of the most classic wardrobe essentials in women's fashion. It looks feminine and go well with trousers, long skirts or just a pair of denims.
  • Sweater Sets: The sweater set is simply a must. A matching cardigan and a shell, a sweater set makes life easy when the cool breeze is blowing. Simply throw it on and go.
  • Jeans: For the most flattering fit, choose a pair with a little stretch . Dark washes are more versatile than lighter ones.
  • Skirts: A figure-flattering skirt is a good investment. Knee-length styles are best. Skirts pair well with anything. Choose black or gray color.
  • Pumps and Flats: It does not matter whether you have a pair of heels in your wardrobe or not. But a classic pump in a neutral color or a pair of stylish flats are a must in your wardrobe.
  • T-shirts: T-shirts really works. They are an all purpose garment. Black, white and red shades are smart choices. They come in handy when that crisp white blouse doesn't, and they work when you need something to slip under a sweater.
  • Handbag: Make sure you choose something spacious and also stylish as your handbag will bear your burden all day long. A handbag is definitely an investment piece.
  • Other essentials: Miniskirts, leggings and tunics are all fun and beautiful. You can have them but they are not necessarily the components of a fully functional wardrobe. The accessories add color to your basic wardrobe. You can have few colorful scarves, stoles that match with your dresses. Hats are another addition. Choose trendy costume jewelries. The basic idea is to develop a fully functional wardrobe with all essentials that allow you to mix and match with ease, providing you a number of fabulous outfits.

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