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How Should Women Choose Fashion Tops?

Women Fashion Tops
Women Fashion Tops
13 May 2011- Women tops are probably the most basic and fashionable- as well as comfortable women wear! This is well known by the fashion tops designers as well as manufacturers and that's why you have so many types of fashion tops in the market that you just get confused as to what to buy and what to leave! Here in this article, you'll get some tips to choose fashion tops – a reliever in fact. You'll come to know how you can decide which fashion top suits you- not only lookwise but by your comfort and modesty too.

Choose Fashion Tops that Suits Your Taste!

Don't just go by the fashion trends. These trends might say that the crop tops are in and that you will look trendy in spaghetti straps tops. If you can carry off these fashion tops with ease, well and good- go for some designer crop tops even with spaghetti straps but if you imagine yourself being conscious at all the time wearing these types of tops, you should think twice before selecting them. So, what all should you consider when buying fashion tops? Here are some pointers for the same.
Black Fashion Top
Black Fashion Top
  • If you want a modest women top to wear with your pants or skirts, identify your own preferences regarding neckline, sleeves length, fitting and sheerness.
  • If you are used to wear low necklines, choose some fashion tops having such necklines but if you haven't worn these low neck fashion tops earlier or you aren't confident enough than better choose fashion tops with "not so low neckline!"
  • Next comes the fitting of women tops- they are available in all types of fit, from very tight body hugging fashion tops to extremely loose tops. Obviously the very loose tops will not look good on all occasions but neither will the too tight tops and not at all when you are not feeling at ease wearing it! So, its up to you and your experiences that will decide how tight a top should be for you.
  • Sheer fashion tops really look glamorous but then they reveal too much that might go against your modesty. So, decide how far you want to reveal yourself. If you desperately want to wear that sheer top but also want to save your modesty- you have options too. Go for layering! A nice shrug or jacket over your sheer fashion top will give it more glamorous look.

Select Smart Combinations for Basic Women Fashion Tops!

Here are some tips to choose the right combinations with basic women tops for the ultimate fashionable look!
Basic Women Fashion Tops
Basic Women Top
  • Choose basic T-shirts- white or black tees. If you are looking for something that look stylish evening wear and even gives you a slim look- wear the black t-shirt with black pants or capris.
  • For summer's cool look, wear the basic white T-shirt top with a high-waisted navy skirt.
  • You can even wear a basic T-shirt for formal occasions- just get a form-fitting tee and wear it with a floor length high-waisted skirt.
  • For winters, wear a plain turtleneck top with a pair of gray pants or skirt.
  • Basic tank tops can also give women a fashionable look. Wear a gray or black tank top with black high-waisted pencil skirt or A-line skirt for such stylish look. For daytime wear, you can even select a white tank top and wear it with a navy skirt. In winters, you can layer it with an elegant cardigan too.

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