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Chikankari Kurta Designs for Women

Chikankari kurta designs for women are highly popular. In fact, chikankari based sarees, kurti, tunics and other home decor articles like cushion covers, bedsheets, table linen etc. are also a favorite among people all over the world.

Chikankari Kurti
Chikankari Kurti
The word "Chikankari" is derived from a persian word called 'chakeen' or 'chakin' which means creating delicate patterns on a fabric. Chikankari actually, refers to a famous embroidery pattern rooted from an Indian city called Lucknow. It is a delicate and intricate shadow work kind of embroidery which is done using a white or colored yarn on soft and fine fabrics like cotton, georgette, chiffon etc.

Chikankari is an ancient art form which registers its origin way back to the 3rd century BC. There are various regional stories related to the origin of chikankari in India. It is said that once a thirsty traveler was passing from a village in Lucknow, there he asked a poor peasant for some water. The peasant obliged the traveler and thus, the traveler, too happy with the hospitality rendered, he taught him the art of chikankari so that the peasant can have a source of livelihood. Such fables and many other stories and rumors are popular in the lanes of royal city Lucknow.

The most common motif in chikankari work is the creepers and most often the entire fabric is embroidered using creepers and flower designs only. Chikankari kurtis for women are popular amongst all age groups. The beautiful motifs on soft colored fabrics make the kurtis a classic piece of traditional yet fashionable attire. This is the reason why chikankari fashion kurtis are such a hit amongst ladies.

The chikankari embroidery work on kurtis is basically divided into three categories:
  • Embossed Stitches (the grainy form of embroidery)
  • Flat Stitches (the subtle stitches that stick close to the fabric)
  • Jali Work (the net effect form of embroidery)

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