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Maintaining a Formal White Shirt

A formal white shirt is a classic piece of clothing which is a must have for every ideal wardrobe. It is all the more essential for working women as they can use their favorite white shirt with various lowers like skirts, denims, trousers or cotton pants at office. Though the issue with white shirts is that they call for proper maintenance so that it remain spotlessly clean and wearable till a reasonable period of time. The three main aspects involved in maintaining clothes i.e. washing, ironing and storage have to be attended more cautiously in case of a white shirt. Here are few tips which can help all the ladies take proper care of their favorite formal shirt and stay impeccably stylish all through out.

Washing White Shirt

  • Experts recommend washing the white shirts rather than getting them dry-cleaned. The chemicals used for dry cleaning are more harsh on a white cloth than the effect of rubbing it with hands.
  • One can keep the shirt look ultra-bright with the help of special detergents formulated for whites.
  • The golden rule of washing whites is to wash them separately, away from colored clothes.
  • Fabric bleach is another great option to have spotless whites.
  • In case one tends to sweat a lot, then one can avoid the deodorant or perspiration marks by sewing some garment guard patches on the underarms.

Formal White Shirt

Ironing White Shirt

  • Crumples tend to appear more on a white shirt, hence, a steam iron should be used for a crease free shirt. Steam iron is better than other irons as it moistens the cloth and provides perfect finesse while ironing cotton clothes.
  • Before ironing a white shirt, make sure that the base of your iron is neat and clean or else it would leave mark on your spotless white shirt.
  • Never put an iron on the fabric at a particular point, for more than few seconds as it can end up leaving heat marks on it.

Storing White Shirt

  • Try to use wooden hangers for hanging your clothes as it would maintain a proper shape of shirt.
  • Group the whites together away from colored clothes or else the other colors might rub off on the white shade.
  • One should not cram the clothes tightly into the wardrobe, specially the shirts as it can damage the make of collar and cuff of the shirt.

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