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The Crafty Kaftans

Crafty Kaftans
Crafty Kaftans
Kaftan or Caftan is an extremely trendy fashion garment which can be boasted about its comfort quotient. With the long flowing sleeves and loose fitting measurements, kaftans prove a cool trendy garment for scotching and tacky summers.

Most of the women around the world like kaftans for their versatility and comfort. It does not necessarily has to be floor length as is the case with the age old traditional kaftan style. These are now a days available as per the changing fashion trends and styles. Slim fitting, figure hugging kaftans are quite popular among the fasionistas. Be it a beach, house or even a red carpet event, kaftans can be carried anywhere any time with little variations.

The emergence of kaftans as a trendy outfit is aptly mirrored in an eminent fashion personality's qoute that “the comeback of kaftans has swamped the sarong and overpowered the pareo to become the mainstay of the holiday wardrobe”.

Crafty Kaftans Set

Crafty Kaftans Set

As mentioned earlier, kaftans are available in all shapes and sizes. One can get a short one to team it up with denims or skirt while at the same time one can also go for the long floor length kaftans which add on to the grace and femininity of the entire look.

Short tunic style kaftans over beach wears help camouflage the flabs or extra flesh gracefully. Lengthy sleeves with low V-neckline work well for women with larger bust and flabby arms. Though clinched waists and figure hugging cuts look beautiful on reasonably fit females.

Like any other dress, kaftans too can be piled up with your favorite accessories. Chunky bracelets, big wide belts, and beautiful necklaces can be teamed up with it to get the perfect trendy look. Besides, large shades and oversized bags go well with it too.

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